Toxy’s Top 5 TV shows

August 29, 2006

In the last few years I seem to have gone back to watching a fair amount of Television shows. Prior to that, I really had no interest in anything but news, current affairs and sports. Here’s a quick run down of my favorite TV shows:


  1. Nip Tuck – Despite a very poor 3rd Season, the two prior seasons of Nip Tuck were fantastic which earns the show my accolade of best overall TV picture. Raw, nervy and definitely not for the feint hearted, Nip Tuck is a show which constantly pushes the boundaries of comfortable, acceptable television viewing. During the course of it’s 3 seasons, the stories have tackled everything from the obscene to the obscure to the downright taboo. Look out for season 4 debuting this September 5th.
  2. Prison Break – No surprises here. This show is just a thrill a minute…. Enough said.
  3. The Apprentice – Donald Trump’s enormously successful Reality TV Show based on 2 Teams competing against each other in a series of Business Orientated Tasks. One unlucky loser will of course get to hear Donald’s now infamous line ” you’re fired.”

  4. Entourage – A throwaway, testosterone orientated dramedy which always ends way sooner than I would like. It’s about the trials and tribulations of a bunch of best friends living in L.A – one of whom happens to be a huge Hollywood actor. After an episode of this show, I always questioned why I never ventured into Hollywood!
  5. The Shield – An ultra gritty crime show about a group of highly corrupt L.A. Cops. A very eerie, very powerful and ultimately very disturbing look at the grey areas of being an L.A. Cop.

Big Brother 7 Over!!…..Thank god

August 19, 2006


Pete Bennett, the 24 year old musician from Brighton ended up lifting the enviable title of  “Winner of Big Brother 7: UK” yesterday night. Bennett scooped the GBP 100,000 prize after managing to last 93 days in a house packed full of irritating morons, spoilt screechy brats…. ohh….and a 36 year old wanna-be porn-star.

 I managed to watch all of one and a half episodes this season (around 2 months ago) before falling into uncontrollable spasms of irritation, raising questions of self worth – and eventual self mutilation.

Questions are being asked whether Reality TV is a dying breed of TV genre – well after watching this trash – I would prefer to be strapped to a chair and forced to watch back to back re-runs of ‘Planet of the Apes’… least they were comprehensible. 

Snakes on a Plane!….Errm….yeh

August 18, 2006

Can someone please explain to me why the heck there is so much hype surrounding this new Samuel L.Jackson Movie!? I first heard about S.O.A.P (as it was then dubbed) on a number of Internet sites around a year ago. It’s like one of those crazy Internet phenomenons that no one can quite explain.

The last time we saw such widespread pandemonium, was for a nasty little purple frog on a motorbike. Let’s hope these “Snakes on the Planes” don’t make any horrific noises – or worse yet, appear in the pop charts dueting with Missy Elliot.

 Watch the trailer here:

“Jagshemash, I like!…Like a Mongoler”

August 18, 2006


That lovable madman from Kazakhstan – Borat, is all set for his silver screen debut this November in the upcoming movie titled: “Borat: Cultural learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.”

Fans of Borat can expect yet another series of rib tickling, awkward moments during his journey across middle America.

 I love this character, his sweet innocence is so genuine and believable that you often forget that he’s yet another guise of that infamous genius Sacha Baron Cohen. 

 If you want to recap on some of the hillarious, past adventures of Borat – check out this You Tube Link. It’s 25 minute “Best of” compilation. Incredible…..I like!

Guess Whose back?

August 17, 2006

Arguably the best TV show of the year “Prison Break” returns for its second season premier on FOX America this coming Monday August 21. Ladies and Gentleman, grab your hats it’s time for the chase to really begin. The story writers promise yet another season of heart stopping, jaw dropping action – but this time, from the other side of the fence.  If it’s even half as good as season one, we are in for a major treat!