FatBoy Slim – Right here, Right now (2006 Remix)

September 18, 2006


A firm favourite from a few years back, this classic tune has been given a new lease of life by The FreeMason’s. A high tempo, hi-energy tune – this remix keeps the essential components of the original but gives it a ‘hard house’ spin.

You can listen to the song – and watch the pretty shocking video – depicting young children on an anarchistic rampage below. Pretty insane….

click me!

N.B The original Video was actually made for The Prodigy.  


Justin Timberlake makes it onto Toxy’s JamStation?

September 12, 2006


Well last week we had Robbie Williams and his ‘Rude Box’ get some Toxy love….and now his cross Atlantic rival ‘Justin Timberlake’ makes it onto Toxy’s jamstation!! 

The tune in question is called ‘My love.’

Now don’t be put off by the crappy title. This is a Timbaland produced track featuring the the usual nasty ass synths, a trademark stuttery staccato bassline, a token rap performance by T.I.  all underpinned by the usual silky Timbo commentary.

Timbaland has a habit of pulling these kind of tunes out of the bag. This will undoubtedly be yet another monster R and B smash…..  Take a listen below:

Full song w/ Rap etc: 




For a ‘Live’ performance (brief clip of the song) – with some pretty amazing dancing routines check out:


More summer Grooves

September 1, 2006


This tune has been around for most of the summer, but I thought the latest incarnations are definitely worth a shout. Highly infectious chorus, gorgeous dark clunky bassline – this was already a big, big tune – with this new added chorus………well, it’s simply massive.

 David Guetta vs The Egg – Love don’t let me go

Watch the vid here:


Let your Ghutra Hang Low….

August 29, 2006


Having first heard this tune on HBO’s TV show “Entourage” a couple of weeks ago, I immediately sensed that this was going to be a big Rap hit.

Irritating catchy – kiddie driven – nursery rhyme chorus, I fear that this will be played on mobile phone jingles from Amman to Zimbabwe for the next few months.

Brace yourselves for the sounds of  the St. Louis teenage rapper  “Jibbs” with his interestingly titled “Chain Hang Low,” which incidentally, is based on that old nursery rhyme ‘Ears hang low.’

 Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Click the link below:


Punjabi ‘Pop’ Idol….Aboo Laykkkk

August 29, 2006


This is a classic clip from the UK TV Show ‘Popstars – The Rivals.’ How this Punjabi dude can perform this routine with such a straight face, I will never know.

Love it!


Seriously Funky

August 25, 2006


I like the sounds of the new Robbie Williams tune ‘Rude Box.’ The song borrows heavily from that old school classic ‘ Boops! Here To Go’ by the 80’s duo Sly and Robbie.

I’m not a big fan of the chorus, but the beat alone (accompanied by that early 80’s Casio Keyboard Melody) is seriously funky….instrumental dub mix please….check out:


Underground Monster to be unleashed?

August 24, 2006


If they can ever get the sample cleared (it’s on / off /on at moment) – there is a fantastic bootleg remix of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ causing some major club frenzy. It’s been out for a while now, but I thought I’d alert you to it just in case you hadn’t heard it.  It samples that old classic tune from 1979 ‘Another brick in the wall.’

Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd – No Education (2006 remix)