Fake Toxy Shows Up at Bloggers Meeting in Salmiya….

January 6, 2007

I was chatting with Mark over at 248 and he tells me that it was nice meeting me at the “Blogger’s Meet Up” that was held in Dunkin Donuts on Thursday night……Hmmm….that was interesting……especially as I was never in attendance of that meeting.

So apparently some dude sat at the meeting, with a name tag on his shirt – and my name on it.

How Bizarre.

We all know there are a lot of weird freaks in Kuwait. A lot of folks wouldn’t think twice about copying, stealing or plagiarizing an idea; but never would I have guessed that someone would have shown up pretending to be someone else – and of all places – at ‘A Blogger’s Meeting.’

Even with my twisted imagination, I cannot fathom what was going through the guys head.

I mean seriously, what if I’d of shown up!!??

I’ve contacted the Kuwaiti CID over this matter. They have promised a full investigation as soon as they have finished enjoying confiscating all the DVD’s that were heading to Virgin Megastore.

So… should I be amused, freaked out or simply flattered? What do you guys think?