Attack of the Bluetooth Advertiser, Kuwait

November 8, 2006

So I sat down for my weekly meal at ‘Entrecote‘ in Fenar Mall. I ordered the usual medium steak, diet coke and extra ‘green’ sauce to douse those crispy yellow fries with. I was starving and urged the waitress to bring the bread out as soon as possible.

Beep Beep….my phone ‘message alert’ went off.

It was a Bluetooth message stating something along the lines of ‘Out of the Blue wants to send you a message.’ I looked around the largely empty restaurant in search of the usual culprits….Hmmm…..A couple of old folks on the side, a married looking couple in the far corner and the waitresses.

Out of curiosity I opened the file and was greeted by an ‘Animated GIF’ file asking me to call an Advertising Company – if I wanted to place a similar Bluetooth ad. At first I thought it was pretty cool, I had never seen advertising like this before anywhere in the world let alone Kuwait.

I thought nothing more of it.

A couple of days later, whilst sitting down to eat my meal at Biella in Marina – I got another Bluetooth message – again from “Out of the Blue.” I opened it and got the same exact message. Call XXX for advertising. This time, my reaction was different – I actually felt pretty annoyed.

I realized that this company must have a Bluetooth system lurking throughout various locations in Kuwait. The machine must scan the area and look to catch you (literally) with an ‘Out of the Blue’ advertising campaign – whether you like it or not.

Advertising is a sensitive issue. Companies spend millions of dollars a year trying to come up with the latest ‘catch phrase / slogan’ to capture the ever flakey consumer’s imagination. TV commercials are forced throughout your favourite shows for a reason – because they make massive amounts of money for the broadcasting stations.

The one difference between TV Advertising and Bluetooth Advertising is choice. I have a remote control, I don’t have to watch what’s on the screen.

Bluetooth Advertising is a completely different ball game – why should I have to switch off my Bluetooth to avoid such blatant spamming? Why should I be disturbed by a ‘message alert’ from someone /something I don’t even know? What about those who wear wireless head sets or connect up to their Laptops via Bluetooth? Are they supposed to switch of their units to avoid these messages?

I’m not happy with this service as I feel it’s a blatant intrusion on privacy. Let’s hope it doesn’t catch on, I will get pretty angry having to keep rejecting or even deleting these messages seemingly ‘out of the blue.’


New iPods and Apple Products ready for launch….Confirmed

September 12, 2006


This info has all been confirmed via the Apple Conference:

  • iTV – Wirelessly Stream your Movies from the PC onto your TV 
  • New 2nd Generation Nano with longer battery life / brand new outter colours / 2, 4, 8 gig
  • Price drops for iPod Video: $239 30 Gig    $349 for an 80 gig (new 80 gig model)
  • iPod Shuffle Relaunched for low cost $79
  • iPods with 60% brighter screens, 30% longer battery life
  • Games to be launched for iPods starting at $4.99 (Electronic Arts are signed up)
  • Downloadable Movies from iTunes. 75 Movies initially available for $12.99. Movies to be released at the same time as they are on DVD.
  • iTunes 7

Post Comments:

*Well, there are only a couple of things in there which I would be interested in. Seems like a lot of hype but not much delivery!….. A thumbs down from me.

Apple Closes down its Apple shop and iTunes….

September 12, 2006


Leading up to this much anticipated news event to be held today in San Francisco, California…Apple have closed up their iTunes and Apple Shop. If you visit their website, this is what you will see. What can we expect from Steve Jobs this time? Not long to go now…..


-Announcement of the next gen iPod with Widescreen capabilities

-Wireless Streaming Video Capabilities

-Bluetooth capable iPod units 


-iTunes to launch a downloadable Movies Section

Apple Airport Express – Review (for PC)

September 12, 2006


Having become tired of having to navigate my way around all the wires which lie on my floor, I decided to invest in the Apple Airport Express – which promises to stream music from my iTunes (PC) to my stereo with just one small neat box.

The ‘Airport’ looks a bit like the regular iPod charger but it has a few additonal ‘insert ports’ such as an Ethernet connector (for wireless networking), a USB print server, and a Mini headphone jack – which is how the unit connects to your home stereo.


The setup was pretty clean and easy. The package comes with an installable, walk-through CD wizard. On a typical windows wireless system you could be up in as little as 10 minutes.

Potential pitfall: If your existing wireless setup does NOT use the Windows Generic Wireless connector, you may have a problem. My linksys, for example, over rides the Windows Wireless and uses its own config software. This makes the setup a little trickier, and if you don’t know much about wireless setup, this will be a problem.

Another initial drawback I had with this product was that it’s ‘supposed’ to only work for streaming iTunes media. However, after a bit of research, I found a few software patches which will allow you to stream any media from your Windows Player, Real Audio player etc. This gives the product a lot more flexibility for those who don’t want to be confined to only using  iTunes as their media player.

So far the product works as advertised. I’m happy with the sound quality, and even though the product has been out for quite a while, it works very well. 

If I have any issues with this product, I’ll post about accordingly!     

Rating: 4/5  (wireless speed is currently only 54Mbps)

Cost: 49 Kd

Windows 2007 coming to a Monitor Near You soon…

September 3, 2006

Microsoft are very close to launching their brand new revamp of their ever popular ‘Windows’ series. Scheduled for a November 06 to January 07 (tentative) release – the latest incarnation of Windows, titled ‘Vista’, will apparently ‘look’ and ‘feel’ more like the Apple Mac Operating Systems.

I’m personally not a big fan of the Mac Operating Systems, I find them a little too simplistic for my liking. Nonetheless, I will definitely be upgrading to this new ‘Windows’ when it finally makes its long overdue debut.

 Tentative Prices come in at:

-Vista Ultimate US $450

-Home Premium US $269

-Upgrade to Vista Ultimate US $269

-Upgrade to Home Premium US$ 179

Boeing Ground High Speed Internet Service

August 18, 2006


Boeing have just announced that they will discontinue their high speed internet service before it’s even got off the ground. The expected cost of the loss making venture will weigh in at a hefty $320 million.

That’s a shame, I was really looking forward to the day when I could get onto an average plane and enjoy full internet access. Afterall, nothing helps time pass faster than browsing the net!