Why is it that?……..Part 6………’The Curse of The Checkout’

There are a lot of small, inexplicable irritations that occur in our lives on a daily basis. As you probably know (if you’ve been following this blog) I have been serializing them in my ‘Why is it that?’ Series.

So today, I am pulling out an old classic – a chestnut, which affects me anytime I go shopping anywhere around the world.

Picture The Scene: The Supermarket

So I’ve just wasted spent 45 minutes trying to find a parking space, and sifting through endless aisles of food in search of my refrigerator’s ‘bare essentials.’

Despite promising myself (each and every time) that I will get a more interesting variety of foods upon my next visit – I end up leaving with the same 5 items which permanently reside in my threadbare refrigerator……..Brown Bread, Philadelphia Cheese, Cucumber, Tabasco Sauce – and of course – a large stash of Diet Cokes…..

So there I am – flustered, frustrated, irritable and ready to make as swift an exit as possible.

And then it hits.

Probably the hardest, most stressful decision for any prospective shopper…..

Which Queue (or Checkout Line) should I join?…..

You make a slow, calculating sweep up and down the narrow strip of checkout desks whilst deftly peeking into your ‘rivals’ baskets.

It’s time to put that expensive College Education to some use. It’s guesstimation time. The better your calculations, the quicker you get to pay and leave this forsaken place.

You’ve sized up your opposition, it’s decision time.

Aha….this looks good. This old guy only has a small basket whereas that lady has a huge trolley.

This is my winning ticket out of here. You are convinced.

You make your decision and duly begin to unpack your basket onto the conveyor belt.

And then it happens……‘The Curse of the Checkout’ Strikes.

Why is it that every single time I go into the Supermarket (or in fact anywhere) that involves lining up and paying for something – do I end up behind the slowest, most incompetent buffoons in the history of checkout procurement?

Ok. So here are the mundanely predictable things that happen almost every single time I go to pay:

  • The guy with the small basket has bought something obscure like a single silver spoon. The spoon (naturally) does not have a price tag on it. They have to ring the bell and call for assistance. No one has seen this spoon before. In fact, the manager wonders if they even sell it in the store.
  • The old guy with the small basket remembers that he forgot something on his list and sends an assistant to go and get it
  • The checkout lady has suddenly come to the end of her shift. You have to wait 5 minutes before the new dude has arrived and punched in his ID to the counter.
  • The checkout lady has run out of change. She rings the bell for assistance.

To add further insult to injury, you are forced to watch helplessly as the lady with ‘the big trolly’ effortlessly wheels her goods out the sliding doors. Simply amazing….


Do not think that the ‘curse’ is simply limited to Supermarkets…nope. This ‘curse’ can occur anywhere as long as a) you have to pay for something and b) have multiple options for checkout.

I’ll leave you with one last tale.

Today, I went on a Train.

There was a huge line at the ticket office – and only a small one at the automatic machine. I joined the automatic machine line.

Yes, you’ve guessed it.

When the 2 guys in front of me got to the machine, they didn’t have a clue how to use the machine and worse didn’t have enough money to pay into the machine.

Of course, by the time I ended up getting my darn ticket – the original members of the ‘long queue’ for the ticket office had left and probably borded their trains…..

Again, simply Amazing.


11 Responses to Why is it that?……..Part 6………’The Curse of The Checkout’

  1. sunny_side_q8 says:

    Looool. I always thought that stuff only ever happned to me! I know what you mean about checking over at the other lanes and seeing if they are moving faster or not its like a race!! :):):p

  2. EniGma says:

    Loool! Not very lucky are you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ This happens a lot to me, but not every single time.

    -I LOVE grocery shopping lol. Next time u should take me with u, believe me u’ll end up with much more than your usual 5 items ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Next time esfe6 b3eed and walk :p

    – head stright to the

  3. EniGma says:

    **takmela- sowwy :p**

    – head stright to the

  4. cajie says:

    ok, on a related thread…
    every time you get stuck in traffic – do you notice this guy who keeps changing the lanes thinking the traffic is moving a wee bit faster on the other side only to realize that once he has changed the lane the traffic is moving a wee bit faster on the other lane?

    He makes my blood boil!

  5. O.J. says:

    I think I have managed to destroy the curse – for me at least.

    Yesterday, in the Dubai airport, I queued at the check in counter. Huge line! Probably 70 people ahead of me. After queueing for 10 minutes, someone yells “All those to Amman please follow me.” The man leads me to a newly opened check-in counter and I’m the first in line. 5 minutes later, I’m done…:-)

    Next, I reach immigration. Dozens of long lines. The queue I decided to join moved so quickly and swiftly, I was out of there in literally less than 10 minutes!

  6. toxy says:

    dodo: It doesn’t, it loves you!!

    Sunny: We are not alone… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Enigma: My fridge is bare. I need to go shopping! Time and place please ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cajie: LOL…That is very true. I had the option of using that exact same scenario but chose the supermarket one…It’s the same essence!

    OJ: If this ever happens again – please let me know your secret recipe. I need to find a remedy!

  7. extinct dodo says:

    every time i try to write a comment around here, i get this @$^$!#@*&^% server error :((

    anyway what i was trying to say is, theres an idiom that goes along the lines of *the other lane always moves faster*

    *cross fingers and hope error of doom doesnt rear its butt fugly head*

    edited by Toxy

  8. toxy says:

    Sorry Dodo….I don’t think it’s anything on my end! Very weird….

  9. EniGma says:

    Apparently I can’t use the “less than” character lol.
    This is what was supposed to be written in my post: head straight to the “less than” 10 items or less line, even if you have 5 times more items ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and Toxy- Sultan Center Salmiya, anytime ;p

  10. moocherx says:

    Almost off-topic… but I think Sultan Centre needs to introduce a “free home delivery” service like Tops supermarket in Bangkok. Spend X amount of money (say, 25KD) and have it home delivered between a certain time. I wouldn’t mind waiting in line so much then…. meanwhile, yesterday lunchtime I finally found out it’s a bad time to visit my local (Japanese) supermarket. It’s when the entire Japanese female population of Bangkok decides to visit and the queues are incredible. All I wanted was an egg sandwich.

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