Photos: Spooky Weather in Kuwait

I was driving down the Gulf Road yesterday afternoon at around 4 pm.

As I arrived close to the Marina Mall Area, I was greeted by one of the weirdest, most eerie sunsets I have ever witnessed. Not only was the sun unbelievably low but it was also eye piercingly bright. I literally couldn’t see anything ahead of me despite wearing some pretty dark-lensed sunglasses. As you can imagine, it made the driving conditions incredibly uncomfortable to say the least.

I’m not sure if this was some kind of polar sun / moon solstice, but whatever it was – it didn’t feel right!

I woke up this morning and couldn’t see anything. It’s gone all foggy.

Perhaps some of you Astronomic gurus could help us out?

To see the pictures, please click below.

This Morning:


17 Responses to Photos: Spooky Weather in Kuwait

  1. O.J. says:

    Damn dogg…that’s some creepy shiznit! The sun looks enormous!! And I’m blinded just looking at the pictures!

    The fog looks too thick and grey to be a sandstorm. What time did you take the pictures this morning? Your streets are fricken’ empty!

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  3. Fonzy says:

    shit man. i think i was asleep, didnt see that but it sure does look freaky. looks likes its coming our way and the planet earth is gonna be like a pebble thrown into a fire….. ok i just freaked myself out 😛

    couldnt see shit from the fog. i tried to take a pic of the liberation tower but couldnt find it. was weird!

  4. Khaled The Great says:

    Sppppooooookkkkyyyyy…. Kuwait looks like a gohst town in that picture!

  5. moocherx says:

    When the sun’s low, everyone should drive with dipped headlights too.

  6. Yeah i was out before then and the sun was getting in my way whichever direction i drove in…interesting….

  7. sunny_side_q8 says:

    Heh! Looks like that scary movie ‘Silent Hill’ !!!!! OJ said it best Creepy!


  8. ohyah says:

    OH GOD!! SWEET LORD! God and Mighty!! 7ada il english is cutting with you wankers!!

    خوش بوست صراحه بس انجليزي وايد وحادي اي كان نوت بي بوذرد تو ريديت .. ماك ات ايزي فور مي فو ذا اوذرززززززز

    english is cutting with you = il english emga6e3 weyakom


  9. Cajie says:

    I wish I was there with MY camera.
    BTW, is the view of the foggy streets from your house?. That’s a great view!

  10. enigmaq8 says:

    I was gonna say that the sun is always piercingly bright on the Gulf Road at this hour, but then I saw the photos and was like DAMN!!!!!! I’ve never seen the sun this big!

  11. Napaj says:

    Don’t talk to me about fog! You should have seen it near the airport!! It was so thick you could barely see the road lines right in front of you! Let alone the road ahead! My flight was delayed by 4 hours! And when I got the Heathrow it was even worst!!!

    After two attempts of landing, and finally on the ground, I was greeted by an airport of chaos! My domestic flight was cancelled along with hundreds of other flight leaving that day! It was something like -3c, there were a make shift tent for check in outside it was so busy, and people weren’t happy! All thanks to the Fog, it was a very long day!

    24hours later and even watching spoilt Nicky crying here eyes out on “princess Nicky” is better the being stuck in any airport! I only hope that it’s not foggy on my way back to Kuwait!!!

  12. toxy says:

    OJ: Yep….very freaky! Don’t you get weird weather in Amman? It’s either blisteringly hot here or freezing…It’s cold as hell now!

    Fonz: LOL….don’t freak out dude, unless we see little green men coming from the fog – all is good!

    Khaled: Ghost town indeed. Wish the roads were always like that 😦

    Mooch: I don’t get it!

    DR: Wasn’t it weird! That’s exactly how I felt. I couldn’t escape. It was like a blur in the sky.

    Sunny: Lol, I saw that movie. Creepy is correct!

    Ohyah: 🙂

    Cajie: I have to say, I’m a big fan of your photo’s….they are amazing!

    Enigma: It was the weirdest sight! The sun was HUUUGE and extremely overpowering!

    Napaj: Ha! I’ve heard about the fog problems in Heathrow! Sorry to hear about your delay story – a nightmare! That’s doesnt bode well for me, I am supposed to be traveling to London shortly!

    As for that screaming idiot Nicky…LOL, I happened to catch that show before. She was working on a farm. I thought she was the most irritating ‘Paris Hilton’ wannabe ever.

  13. Napaj says:

    Fog in Kuwait airport as well as Heathrow!! talk about bad weather!! just my luck!
    Toxy, you should be ok an your way to Heathrow though! its just the inland flights that are effected! you’ll be here just in time for celebrity Big Brother. Lol!!

  14. nahash says:

    the sun’s uncharacteristic brightness could have been caused by the refraction of light on the vapor in the fog.

  15. TanGo says:

    this is caused by sun light dissipation and also refraction ~ due to high concentration of psrticles [dust or water droplets] at low temperature…

  16. MacaholiQ8 says:

    The weather is going crazy lately. Last year we had fog like nothing before and this year, precisely today (Friday), the approximate minimum temperature is -2 !!

    Here, take a look at [this video].
    I guess you took those pics on the same day my friend took this video.

  17. toxy says:

    Napaj: I was just in Heathrow. It took them an hour to get a gate and another hour to unload the bags!!! It’s fine now though.

    Nahash:….thanks for analysis 😉

    TanGo: haha….sounds great, did you make this up? sounds too good to be true!

    MacaholiQ8: Thanks for the vid. That’s insanity!

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