Photo: Kuwait – Blatant Business Identity Theft……


It always bemuses me why I see so much blatant ‘Business Identity Theft’ in Kuwait. It’s a sad joke really.

Multi National Companies spend millions of dollars a year on their logos and their corporate branding. It must therefore, drive them absolutely insane to see places like Kuwait discarding copyrights and laughing in the face of acceptable, ethical business etiquette.

Just off the top of my head, I can think of 5 or 6 cases of undeniably identity theft in Kuwait. It typically ranges from a sneaky ‘play on words’ to a more sinister ‘redesign’ of a famous International logo.

What I don’t understand is what goes through the heads of these talentless, thieving buffoons. How can they essentially copy and paste someone else’s creations – whilst trying to pass it off as their own concept?! I mean seriously, who are they kidding? Are they even kidding?

Let’s take ‘Batriq’ restaurant as a ‘golden’ example. It’s an overly obvious and blatant rip of the McDonald’s logo. Anyone and everyone could attest to that.

Instead of the world famous ‘Golden Arched M ‘….. Batriq gave us the ‘not-so-famous-and-sadly-pathetic B.’ ……Hell, they didn’t even BOTHER to change the Gold and Red theme!

I was inspired to write this post after I saw downtown Beirut’s ultra famous, ultra chic department store ‘Aishti’ sitting quietly in a backstreet neighborhood of Salmiya.

So what of Kuwait’s ‘Aishti’? Can we expect more of the same high caliber, high fashion designer wear?

Well, not quite. In fact, Kuwait’s ‘Aishti’ is a ‘women beauty saloon.’

Wow…..How very, very creative.

And if that’s not bad enough, would you take a look at that logo – looks awfully familiar doesn’t it?


21 Responses to Photo: Kuwait – Blatant Business Identity Theft……

  1. Fonzy says:

    i realized that i cant see ur pics from work so gonna wait till i get home to see the pic. But i know exactly what u mean. U shud also see the dozen bookshops in hawally. You got names like CNN, MBC, ART, and others; all TV stations! its pathetic! I went to Aishti here and its a joke!

  2. moocherx says:

    The worst culprit is Virgin Megastore. I mean, come on man that’s an INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS store, known worldwide for it’s quality range of great music, excellent electronics, DVD’s galore, and truly fabulous prices. In Kuwait however, some rip-off merchant stole the Virgin brand and is selling overpriced horse carcasses to clueless shoppers in such a prestigious and high-profile location. It’s amazing!!!

  3. T.A@ais says:

    Great post! I always see this kind of crap not just in Q8 but in the whole region. Its unthinkable for somone to do this in Europe or the U.S. Its like the owners have no morals!

  4. Fonzy says:

    actually moocherx, the virgin in kuwait is licensed; its just that they have too many damn laws stoppng them from performing like the real virgin. If u go to lebanon for example, u see everything u can think of, they even have three different versions for “Kamasutra”. not to mention tons of CDs that have been confiscated by cutoms cos they have “ellicit” material

  5. moocherx says:

    I was joking about Virgin. Am I the only one who gets my jokes?!

  6. Fonzy says:

    lol sorry moocherx. maybe we got different senses of humour 🙂

  7. Fonzy says:

    I JUST SAW THE PIC!!! AISHTI a beauty saloon?!?!?!??!??! WHAT???? i was talking bout armani! shit , this is the first time i see this crap! they shud be shot

  8. Napaj says:

    It’s embarrassing to say the least! Just goes to show how creative we are in this corner of the world! Talk about being original!! But I suppose “cheep” in the key word here!

  9. Cajie says:

    It’s all very well that we point out such blatant use of trademarked brands by small time shops, trying to make a few extra bucks on the back of easily recognizable brand names.

    But when we install torrents on our PC’s and happily download (for free) movies and TV shows worth thousands of dollars, we really don’t have much of a case for argument – do we?

    Show me intellectual property being protected by those who can afford to buy the content legally.

    We have a saying – “let the man without any sin cast the first stone.”

  10. Desert_Lurker says:

    Wow, I know the real Aishti in Lebanon. This is a public embarrasment! I agree with The Fonz, they should be shot! Thieves!!!

  11. Bo Nurah says:

    Hello boys, moocherx i didnt see much of a joke, however i got the feeling that u may have had one too many drinks last night, and the high levels of intoxins are still playing around with your neuroligcal system, i advice trying Optimen by Optimum, or Natures Best – Detox program , it may help in enhancing your awareness of what people consider as funny and what others consider as a weird waste of a valuable 30 seconds. Tempo La denaro my friend.

    p.s you may get a nice libidio boost out of the pills too! everybody loves that 😉 you’ll be saying “hello” to woody everymorning now.

  12. toxy says:

    Fonzy: That’s some perfect examples! In Hawalli alone I can think of a number of rip-off stores. They even copied the US Logos!

    Mooch: Who knows, perhaps it’s the buffoons at the Ministry who are causing this ridiculous crackdown.

    T.A: Yep, thanks!

    Napaj: Sadly you are right. In this part of the World, it’s seen as acceptable to steal.

    Cajie: Interesting reply. In some ways I agree in others I don’t. IF the real Aishti now want to come and open in Kuwait, they can’t because some thief has stolen their name and even identity.

    Downloading TV Shows and Torrents does not affect anyone directly. Let’s not forget that these shows are funded by the enormous Advertising Revenues. There’s a reason for an AD Break every 30 seconds in shows like Prison Break etc – ie to generate money!

    It’s a very different (yet similar) concept if that makes any sense!

    Desert_Lurker: Indeed….shameful.

    Bo Nurah: Eh? Calm down, calm down….

  13. moocherx says:

    I might have been offended by Bo Nurah’s attitude, but clearly he/she is a supercilious retarded moron who makes up words like “intoxins”. Some people are just… well… twats.

  14. cali87 says:

    yeah to add one more, Best Buy is a very successful electronics mega store in the USA. however you can also find a hole in the wall on Ibn Khaldoon st in Hawalli with the same name and logo. Its ridiculous.

  15. moey says:

    ya 7aram.. aishti is a worldwide brand now?

  16. toxy says:

    cali: True! I’ve seen that small hole in the wall. It’s even the same colors!

    moey: Well it’s not world famous, but it’s very famous in the middle east. Anyone who has been to Lebanon will know it. They’ve also opened AI Zone in Dubai etc…

  17. moey says:

    and also openned in amman, and i lived in beirut for 6 years. but the thing is Aishti isnt that famous to be handled that way..

  18. Maze says:

    I saw that in Salmiya…i was like what?? when did they open??

  19. moi says:

    pothetic arabs!
    I mean come on lebanon is totally different that all the region. please try to understand that.
    no matter how they try,,,lebanon will always b the leader in the middle east in all fashion and freedom….etc
    i live in dubai, and believe me, towers dont make a civilized place,,its the freedom that does…(example: more that 50% of the websites r blocked!!)

    u do the math

  20. moi says:

    in other words,,,,other that lebanese in the region r nothing but posers an immitators..

  21. joejoe says:

    hey guys guess what Aïshti lebanon is opening in kuwait this september in the Avenues mall 😉

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