Why is it that?……Part 4……..My Al Fanar Nightmare

Every single time I go to Al Fanar Mall – I dread one thing……The entrance to that ridiculous under ground Parking Lot.

I’ve had recurring nightmares about the same issue – that **!#*$* barrier!

Every time I drive into that parking lot, I dread hearing the inevitable ‘crunching’ sound of my Car rim against that utterly useless, utterly pointless ‘barrier’ which is ‘chilling’ on the side of the road.

It’s as if the idiot the Engineer who designed it thinks we all drive mini’s or bicycles. What about the SUV Drivers Mr. idiot Engineer? Didn’t you think of us?

Take a look at the above picture, have you ever seen a more stupidly designed parking entrance?

Have the planners not seen those little yellow ‘bubbles’ which do the exact same thing as a barrier, cost a quarter of the price – and most importantly avoid the need to tear your rims to shreds?

The funny thing is that even though Fanar is by far the worst culprit, it seems like the same buffoon also designed the entrances to many of Salmiya’s Malls eg. Marina and Zahra Complex which also have unbelievably tight entrance / exits.

There are so many irritations in life which could be avoided with just a teeny, weeny bit of thought. If only….


16 Responses to Why is it that?……Part 4……..My Al Fanar Nightmare

  1. Don Veto says:

    I think they understand that, but we have people that try to cut in the line thats why they put the pavement thing.

  2. Mark says:

    u need to take some driving lessons dude, how wide u want the streets to be lol

  3. O.J. says:

    Don Veto, that’s a very good point!

    Toxy, one thing all us Arabs have in common, whether Kuwaiti, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese or Emarati; when it comes to driving, we are reckless, aggressive, impatient pricks who find it hard to obey traffic laws and regulations. Well, at least most of us are…

    If you had those little “bubble” things or “cat-eyes”, what is to stop those kind of drivers from cutting in the from the front, or creating a second entrance lane. You would simply have traffic hell at the entrance of the mall. So sometimes, Engineers have to succumb to stupid desings to tackle stupid drivers.

  4. KtheKuwaiti says:

    SUVs aren’t the only things affected by that .. My car has some battle wounds from the small entrance…

  5. moocherx says:

    I think you’re a hero for even trying to find a space in that car park at all.

  6. A_Bari says:

    I always see people struggling to get in to Fenar. If there is a line you always see at least one car smashing into one of the curbs. I am not sure why they have that curb there. Its difficult to make the first turn into there I agree 100%.

  7. toxy says:

    Don Veto: Well, you have a point about the pushing in – but what about those huge White, circular separators which you see on all the roads here? If you go over those things you’ll end up damaging your tires!

    Mark: lol…..as you can see from the picture – there is PLENTY of room to maneuver around. The killer turn is that first bend – if you can make that – you’ll avoid the crunch!

    OJ: I agree with you man. But there are other solutions like those big White Bubbles. It’s very hard to drive over them. Plus, I’m sure if anyone tried pushing in you’d get the traditional Arab Car Hoots from Hell!

    Or even better – how about making that useless pavement on the right smaller!? It’s huge, it’s not like anyone ever walks along it or anything!

    K: There is nothing more frustrating I can tell you. I take meticulous care of my cars and their wheels. I remember I just had one of my rims repainted and re-polished. I went to Zahra complex and crunched the hell out of the rim on the other side…I was LIVID.

    Mooch: Well, I could always park in that unappealing desert parking space, where there are more potholes and hidden traps than a war zone….hmmmm….

    A Bari: That’s exactly my problem. It’s the first ***#*## turn which is the killer. I usually have my head hanging out the window to avoid the ensuing anger.

  8. I think that the pavement at the right is necessary, I walked there several times, and as for the entrance, I never had trouble entering!
    I think that the real problem is reaching out trying to get the ticket!

  9. toxy says:

    Mark: Yeh…that’s the sound of another 20kd down the tube….

    Blue Ice: You must have a small car!? And yes, don’t worry about that ticket machine – I’ve already set my sights on the worst one in Kuwait, and it aint Fanar!….watch this space!


  10. CyberRowdy says:

    trip to that area is good for people who like headaches. I shop at sultan only after 1 AM and also early friday morning. otherwise its a real mess there…the “see and to be seen” people who “drive” for someone’s sake

  11. Fonzy says:

    the worst yet is the airpost parking, when exiting u have to lean over to pay the guy if u dont hit ur car first. although they got tons of parking facilities, they still have parking problems

  12. moocherx says:

    the airport car park exiting system SUCKS. I don’t know how it can take so long to exit a car park. What are people trying to pay with? Carrots?

  13. Fallen Angel says:

    I think most streets and constructions in Kuwait are quite “retarded”.

  14. MacaholiQ8 says:

    That makes me wonder how Hummer drivers can get through? :/
    I never park there. I always park at Al-Thuraya parking and have a short walk to Al-Fanar.

  15. Desert Girl says:

    I was thinking the very same thing the other day on the way into Fanar. Even those tall plastic posts would be better.

    Has anyone been to the new Ikea yet and tried to get out of their basement parking? Holy crap! It is TIGHT. I almost scraped in my Envoy the other day. I can’t imagine what would happen in a Hummer. Plus, they have installed what I call the “rim killer” – the high metal narrow-width speed humps that will really F up your car. They used to have them at Marina Crescent, but they replaced them with asphalt humps.

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