Video: Seinfeld’s Kramer Caught in shocking Racial Outburst

Wow….This is pretty shocking.

A joke which goes very, very wrong…..


10 Responses to Video: Seinfeld’s Kramer Caught in shocking Racial Outburst

  1. Fonzy says:

    he apologized for the outbreak, didnt he?

  2. toxy says:

    Yes Fonz….but man, he took that way too far…he looked so uncomfortable, he didn’t know what to do or say – tried to use humor to dig himself out of an ever growing hole. Yikes…

  3. O.J. says:

    Saw this video 2 days ago and my jaw dropped. The lovable Kramer turns into this nasty, aggressive, obnoxious person shooting out racist slurs like his life depends on it!!

    Jerry Seinfeld was on the Tonight Show with David Letterman 2 nights ago and he arranged an apology for his good old friend Michael Richards who appeared via satellite. He seemed truly distraught, expressed his regret, and almost shed some tears as he apologized to the masses. You should post the clip as well so your visitors get the whole story…start to finish.

    The guy was obviously overwhelmed by rage. Sad to see this happen to him. I doubt he’ll ever be able to detach himself from what happened. People may forgive, but this incident will definately never be forgotton. His career is now officially dead!

  4. moocherx says:

    I totally wish they hadn’t blocked youtube on my officer server! Tell me what he said.

  5. toxy says:

    OJ: Thanks for the update. I’ll try to find the apology clip and post it.

    I do feel kind of sorry for him toward the end. You could feel he was losing the plot.

    Mooch, there’s too much to post…just watch!

  6. KtheKuwaiti says:

    I personally would have waited for him outback and beat the crap out of him.

  7. Tim S says:

    There really is no excuse for this in 2006 America. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a surprise beat down after this.

  8. im3vil says:

    the apology… still looks kinda fake

  9. toxy says:

    K: Dude, I’m sure you aren’t alone!!….

    Tim S: So weird to hear this happening in the US ‘the most politically correct of the Politically Correct.’

    im3vil: I totally concur. That looks fake to me. OJ, I’m not sure where you see the ‘tears in the eyes,’ I watched the 7 minute Apology and all I heard was a bunch of mumbling rubbish!

    Full 7 minute Apology is here:

  10. moocherx says:

    My least favourite character on Seinfeld! However, if it’d been Eddie Murphy being racist to a white audience member, I expect everyone would have thought it was funny.

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