Why is it that?….. Part 3….Attack of the BHF’s

So I decided to go to the cinema yesterday night and watch ‘Casino Royale,’ the new James Bond Movie.

I took my seat, switched my phone to silent, reclined in the semi-comfortable seat, sipped on my cold water and awaited the beginning of the movie.

All was very good in Toxy’s hood…….until….

Why is it that – every single time I go to the Movies, be it in Kuwait, London, New York or Timbuck-xxxx ing too, I end up sitting right behind the dude (it’s always a man) with the biggest $#@#$% head in the country?

Don’t you just hate it when you think you are ‘safe,’ and you think you’ve escaped the curse of the ‘BHF‘ (Big Headed Freak) but he always seems to come around 7 or 8 minutes AFTER the show has started.

The ‘BHF’ usually comes with a friend, who also has a big head, or hair, or something – in fact anything – so long as its BIG and also blocks my view.

Due to the fact I am typically with a group of friends, my choices are to either move and sit alone, OR to sit perched at a crooked angle for 2 hours trying to catch a glimpse of the screen.

I can’t believe it…..Is it just me? Do these BHF’s follow anyone else?


13 Responses to Why is it that?….. Part 3….Attack of the BHF’s

  1. Fonzy says:

    actually i suffer from BHF too… everytime i am in the movies i get some big head in front of me. and u cant really tell him, pls move u big head.

  2. moocherx says:

    you’ve been implanted with a GPS chip and they’re following you. Trust me, it’s not just paranoia.

  3. Maze says:

    hehehee…..kiss his ass man!

  4. Leilaa says:

    Loooooool….I know what your talking about but luckily we sit in the familys section which helps with the big heads!

    ps Why does my old name not work?

  5. Fallen Angel says:

    I thought the most annoying thing in Kuwait’s cinemas is the “cut-scenes”. And of course the occasional laughing and the small (yet very annoying) chit-chats. But I guess in your case, there are 3 most annoying habits instead of 2.

  6. moocherx says:

    By the way Toxy… after thinking about the name of your site, what IS your favourite flavour JAM?
    Mine’s blackberry.

  7. toxy says:

    Fonz: I’m happy I am not alone….I thought I was going mad….lol

    Mooch: Hmm…do you know how I could remove it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Maze: Whose Ass? Mooch’s or the BHF’s? :p

    Leila: We go in mixed groups – and still the same! And I don’t know about your login thing sorry!

    Fallen Angel: Oh I have plenty of chit chat’s going on, I had to give a very rude turn and stare to a couple of heckling Kuwaiti girls sitting behind me!

    Mooch: Lol….Strawberry…..I like the French one, I think it’s made by Mama something?

  8. MacaholiQ8 says:

    There are so many ways to get rid of them BHFs:-

    – Keep kicking the back of their seat.
    – Throw popcorn cereals on their heads.
    – Take of your shoe, make sure your sock is smelly, and place your foot in the gap between the seats.

    They annoy you = You annoy them = An eye for an eye. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. toxy says:

    Maca: LOLOL…That is one of the funniest posts I have read for ages….Hahaha….Love it…..brilliant.

  10. toxy says:

    Evolution: nope……. are you?

  11. What I really hate about cinemas is:
    Those who arrive late and take their time to sit while talking.
    Those who can not help commenting while watching the movie.
    Those who talk on the phone.
    Those who need to go to the W.C. in the middle of the movie.
    Those who can not help kicking the seat.
    The list is long…

  12. toxy says:

    Blue Ice: I couldn’t have put that better myself! There was me thinking I am getting more irritant in my old age.

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