Why is it that?….. Part 2

It seems like every single time I want to make a right turn on a slip road – there is always that ONE SINGLE CAR which blocks my path to the free road.

I am then forced to wait an additional 2 -3 minutes (in complete frustration) for absolutely no reason at all.

What I don’t understand is why the streets planners don’t measure the exits by car lengths. Every time I am stuck at these junctions, I think of that cartoon image of that poor donkey with a carrot dangled over his head. So close….yet so infuriatingly far.


9 Responses to Why is it that?….. Part 2

  1. I hate it when sometimes im the one whos blocking the car behind me…and i try my best to go forwards….bs i cant or else i will crash into the car infront of me. I feel like everyone behind me hates me hehehhehehe

  2. ananyah says:

    i say smash his car, get onto the sidewalk and drive to the cut off 😛

  3. toxy says:

    DR: haha….you see, that’s my point, when the street planners were making the exits – didn’t they think what would happen if there were more than 3 cars at the lights!? Duh.

    Ananyah: lol….well I would, if I was in a tank or something. Problem is I don’t want to bash my car up!

  4. O.J. says:

    We have the same problem in Jordan, except worse!! Usually the guy in the car blocking the exit slip (which is the farthest lane on the right) wants to go LEFT!! But he chose this lane so as not be so far back on the first two left lanes…can you believe that Sh&^%!!!

    Anyway, what i usually do is honk like a mad man until the guy squeezes in real tight with the car ahead of him. It usually creates enough space for me to slip through.

  5. Maze says:

    take it easy…losing ur nerves won’t make things better….just smile dude…:)

  6. moocherx says:

    4WD’s are the way to go. It’s no-man’s land out there on Kuwaiti roads. Well, the roads are ok – it’s every other driver on the road who seems to get in the way.

  7. Fonzy says:

    the roads r fine man, its the damn drivers in this country who r ignorant retards who drive thinking and believing that they r the only people on the road and that they own the damn roads. i feel u man!! i go through that shit all the time

  8. There is nothing wrong with the roads, it is the guy who should have changed lanes!

  9. Desert Girl says:

    That particular corner drives me NUTS – especially around 9 on a weekend night. Not to mention that some phuckin GENIUS has decided to 1) change the light timing on the traffic light and 2) paint turn arrows into Hamad Mubarak St from Gulf Rd and then suddenly un-paint them (covered them up again). I can’t tell you how many accidents and near-misses I’ve seen there recently. It now takes about 15 minutes to get through that light. Who is responsible for this stuff? Who ya gonna call?

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