Why is it that?….. Part 1

There are a lot of inexplicable actions and instances that occur in our lives on a daily basis.

-Most irritations are mundanely predictable, most irritations can never be resolved.

-Some things that humans do are plainly weird, some things that humans do are simply nonsensical.

I’m going to try and serialize them on this blog for future reference. I’m going to try to mix nonsensical behavior with everyday irritations.

Question one lies below:

Why is it that whenever we see a starry eyed puppy we go all googley eyed and mushy? We want to cuddle him, caress him and nurture him with love – yet when we see a homeless street sweeper who probably hasn’t eaten for months – we walk on by?


7 Responses to Why is it that?….. Part 1

  1. Fonzy says:

    u know in the States, they say a pet’s life is more valuable than a human’s. They kick the child out at 18 or expect him to make his own living whereas they give their pet all the time of day showering, caressing, feeding, and even sometimes dressing IT. I for one, whenever I see a sweeper on the road, I stop the car and give him half a KD and sometime 1 KD depending on how healthy he looks.

  2. leila says:

    Ahhh cute doggie, i want one……:D

    hehe…you are right though, we don’t care too much about the poor people on the steet as much as the cute dogs we see.

    fonzy, youre such like such a nice guy!

  3. Humans can be so cold sometimes.

  4. Hey there toxy….i looked everywhere on ur blog for ur email, anyway, can u plz email me cuz i have something important to inform u 🙂 my email is on my profile page 🙂

  5. toxy says:

    Fonz: haha…very true. They look after their pets way better than their children! I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

    Leila: I’m not sure what kind of dog that is, you got to love his eyes though!

    DR: they can indeed. Humans are weird creatures!

  6. Maze says:

    so true…what can I say..

  7. moocherx says:

    Maybe a puppy is helpless and gives constant affection.
    People have more options, though some people’s options are different to others of course.
    So maybe we subconsciously think – that person can help to make his/her life better (even if that includes begging on the street). Whereas the puppy – well, all it’s got to survive are its cute looks. Like Brad Pitt, but with 4 legs.

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