Video: Superhuman Dancing……Simply Astonishing!!

Now I’ve seen some crazy dance moves in my times, but nothing – and I mean nothing – compares to this video made by a guy named Cico. I cannot even fathom how this guy can do these tricks. There are moments in this video when literally you feel like he’s about ready to take off like a helicopter. Truly Amazing…..

Anyways, see you guys later – my kitchen floor awaits.


5 Responses to Video: Superhuman Dancing……Simply Astonishing!!

  1. H.T says:

    You’ve got to be kiddin….that must be fake

  2. O.J. says:

    Damn you Toxy! I watched that video just before hittin’ the clubs. After a few drinks I tried that sh%& on the dancefloor and hurt my neck!!!

  3. Sunny_Side_Q8 says:


  4. toxy says:

    HT: Not sure how you think you can fake dancing! lol

    OJ: Hehe….At last some moves from Mr.Stiff, did you YouTube it?…. 😉

    Sunny: Kinda like what I said the first time I saw it. Ha!

  5. teagirl says:

    hahaha these guys are nuts.. the best thing about bboys is that they “battle” 🙂

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