Virgin Megastore: Where have all your DVD’s gone?

I went to Virgin today for a quick browse through their new products. I tend to start at the magazines section, slowly work my way through the books section and finally onto the DVD / Music section.

The entire store had been renovated since the last time I was in there – and the setting looks a lot more like a multi-brand electronic / entertainment store now. After collecting my magazines I headed over to the DVD section.

I was used to the previous layout where an entire corner section was was laden with the ‘latest’ DVD’s and ‘TV Box sets’ – so imagine my surprise when I saw only 6 threadbare rows of DVDs in the entire 2000 sqm store!

The current racks only had 1 DVD per show space. It looked like some kind of joke!

I went over to the sales clerk and asked where all the DVD’s were. He pointed to the bare shelves. I told him that there was a much bigger selection before – what happened? He said that they were ordering more. I asked where the TV Box Sets were……he had no answer.

Something just didn’t add up, so I decided to do a little more investigatory work.

I went over to the cashier and asked her the same question. The uninterested assistant pointed to the ‘selection’ bowed her head, and went back to tapping on her keypad.

I’m not sure what the heck is going on – but something is not right. I don’t for one minute believe that they are really ‘out of stock.’ Has there been some kind of mass DVD cull in Kuwait that I am unaware of?

Where has your DVD selection gone Virgin?


12 Responses to Virgin Megastore: Where have all your DVD’s gone?

  1. Mark says:

    they are held in customs lol

  2. Trudy says:

    It wouldn’t surprize me if some idiots had all of them banned. It’s funny what’s happening in Kuwait right now.

  3. Purgatory says:

    Virgin should be closed, it is a waste of space and money.

  4. H.T says:

    im going to marina tomorow. Ill see whats goin on. I hope they havent taken the movies away, I actually hate those copies they sell outside of Top Shop!

  5. Fonzy says:

    while ur at it, can u ask them where r all the new music albums for tiesto, sasha, digweed, deep dish, and the rest of the bunch… the ones they got are old!

  6. ananyah says:

    the evil dvd monster stole them!


    the evil mu6awa3’s stole them to watch in their underground pimp palace


    some dude in customs is selling them for 1kd a piece, while drinking a bottle of whiskey he stole of some poor guy trying to get it into the country

  7. ananyah says:

    or Virgin isn’t really a virgin! it’s just playing hard to get 😛

  8. Marzouq says:

    No more dvds..

    all this is annoying the hell out of me! Why cant el San3oosy get off our backs! While the hell is he doing this!

    He is the SOB that is causing all the rackus and making gamrik do this stuff!

  9. toxy says:

    Mark: hehe….yeh, that’s a much better excuse!

    Trudy: Indeed, I hope that is not the case but having just read Marzouq’s post, that might be what’s happening?

    Purg: Hehe…as radical as always with your views!

    H.T : Head to HXXXXi much better copies available!

    Fonz: Come on dude, we got Torrents if the worse comes to the worst 😉

    Ananyah: lol…. very creative….

    Marzouq: Do you know something we don’t !? Have they been banned from higher levels? I didn’t find any news about this….plus the Virgin people certainly didn’t mention this!?

  10. Fed Up says:

    Al-Sanoooosy is ploting against us all because someone beat him up when he wwas a child. No DVDs for q8tees. Al Sanoosi is king. HEHEHEHE

  11. Desert Girl says:

    It started with their book section – which is now almost non-existent. The response I got there when I asked about where all the books had gone was, “Kuwaitis don’t read books.” Oooootay…. so I am purty sure they do watch DVD’s, right?

  12. Diddiya says:

    i nw why!coz all da kuwaities are like i want 2 get dis or get dat!! for three hours it all vanished like in thin air! but all da kuwaities got them!! how mad can they get!! like last time wen H&M got open at da Marima Mall, they sed if u buy they’re stuff.. u can get a Maddona free bag!! at just for one day it all finished(da Maddona bags)! wat a relief how kuwaities are into fashion so much wen u can see them with cute fashion styles!!

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