Shock Photographs: Wait A Second…A KUWAITI Family lived in this $hit hole??

Talk to most people around the World, tell them you are from Kuwait and they will automatically assume one or more of the following things:


  • have an Oil Well at the bottom of your garden
  • drive either a Mercedes or a BMW
  • employ a small army of Servants
  • and of course……you own and maintain a Palace

Whilst all of these ‘facts’ are of course absolute nonsense, it’s undeniable that Kuwaiti’s in particular, enjoy a privileged lifestyle thanks to the ‘cradle to the grave’ welfare system provided by the Government.

That’s why these pictures which I took of an apartment in Salmiya may come as a shock to most people. Members of a prominent Kuwaiti family lived here and vacated the premises a mere 4 Days (YES THAT’S FOUR DAYS) earlier.

Please click below when you are ready to view….

WARNING: I would advise you NOT to look at these pictures if you are about to take your morning snack or consume any food……

No one will deny that there are poor families in Kuwait, but levels of hygiene on display here are simply unacceptable by anyones standards…..I feel sorry for the children.

Dry Rot All Over the Ceilings:

A Bedroom:

The Kitchen:

The Kitchen Floor:

The Toilet:

The Sink:


20 Responses to Shock Photographs: Wait A Second…A KUWAITI Family lived in this $hit hole??

  1. The guy who lives there says:

    I had to vacate my apartment to continue my addiction treatment in rehab, hopefully once I am clean I will invite Mr. Toxy over again to see the lifestyle changes I will have made.

  2. Fonzy says:

    for some reason i cant download the pics!!! damn i feel so teased! wanted to see the pics

  3. toxy says:

    Sorry Fonz….if you are behind a proxy / firewall or something you probably can’t see them….I wouldn’t recommend them at this early hour anyways….they truly are beyond imagination.

    Hey ‘Guy who lives there’…..yeh, I can’t wait to see what changes you will make to the place. Perhaps a nice new pink puffy couch?

  4. Sunny_Side_Q8 says:

    That is unbelievably sick!….

  5. moe says:

    There is nothing that much wrong with this home except the fact that it has not been maintained well. I must admit that some people from the middle east make a mess of the table where food is served .I feel so sorry that people don’t enact cleanliness in their lives.

  6. Fonzy says:

    ok i tried site and……………… YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not even the lowest of the lowest people would accept to live in that dump…. looks like someone shit all over the place! That is purely disgusting. How could they survive the stink of the rot all over the house?!?!?

  7. Hassan M says:

    Moe, if you don’t think there is much wrong with that place, don’t ever invite me over for a movie.

  8. Amira says:

    Lol@ Hassan…. ;-PPPP

  9. ananyah says:


  10. Trudy says:


  11. naughty star says:

    unbelievable ………

  12. Maze says:

    god be with them….this is unacceptable

  13. Dawn Fairy says:

    this is unbeleivable how can a person live like that .. being poor has nothing to do with clean and hygene , it’s a life style.

  14. Desert Girl says:

    I had a Kuwaiti female friend a long time ago from a “good family”. She always had perfect hair, perfect make-up, immaculate clothes, nice car. When she invited me to go visit her at her home for dinner, the first thing that hit me at the front door was the SMELL from the bathroom. I couldn’t believe how disgusting her home was. The kitchen was filthy, there was stuff everywhere, and I wouldn’t even go near the toilet. I never looked at her the same again. It isn’t about nationality or economic status; peoples’ levels of tolerance are different and she probably thought it was perfectly normal to live like that.

  15. EW says:

    Ugh! Did they like purposely vandalize and mess up the house before vacating it?? It’s unbelievable – Gross!!

  16. =) says:

    no they probably didnt and those were the old times now all the houses are amazingly perfect there are rarely any bad ones !!

  17. nawaf says:

    i could not agree more with Dawn Fairy

  18. bint il 5air says:

    i’m from kuwait and the salmiya place is nasty! trust me i know! and the kuwaiti family that lived there isn’t and actual Kuwaiti family they don t have the Kuwaiti ginsiya sorry don’t know it in english :p and the other places in kuwait its amazing! so don’t say these things look at ur crib and then post something that isn’t crap like what u are saying! KUWAIT WHOOO 😀

  19. Mimi says:

    I live in Kuwait at present. Am American. I was married to a Kuwaiti and lived in Kuwait for over 15 years. When I divorced my ex-husband, I got nothing. Not a penny, not a fil. That is the norm. I caught him cheating, so he punished me in court as to not get anything, for exposing him to the public. Yeah, have 3 children who are now grown and reside in the States. Ex remarried an egyptian 29 yrs old, he is 60. Wow, just wondering how that’s gonna work. She needed a green card I suppose. Nobody’s mother would let her young daughter marry an old man, unless for financial gain. The woman actually did me a favor cause Islamic law states ur hubby can take you back within certain time, but he was teeny weeny anyway!
    Yes, I lived in a mansion, but it was detoriating with black mold etc, and the ex wanted me to move out so he let the mansion rot!
    Listen to your mothers and don’t marry outside ur homeland. You will be sorry. The men can have 4 wives, and if they don’t marry another, they will have 4 mistresses on the side.

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