WTF are you staring at you idiot?



If there is one thing I hate, and I mean hate more than anything – it’s people staring at me. Yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant in Marina with a couple of friends (one female) and these two idiots sat staring at us for the entire duration of their 45 minute meal. They barely said a word to each other – all they did was sit staring.

The restaurant was pretty empty, and they were sat directly across the room under an obtrusively bright light – it was a very uncomfortable feeling. I started to get seriously irritated.

A number of times I stared right back into their eyes until they flinched and looked away. I thought that would solve the problem, but to my shock – like a pack of apes ogling at a banana – they were back staring shortly thereafter. I must admit, by that time, I was ready to go over for a confrontation but thankfully they paid their check and left.


I have observed this behavior many times, and its most noticeable when you are part of ‘the seated crowd.’ Take a look at all the heads and eyes when a new person or ‘group’ enters the vicinity. All heads, in unison, will begin their stare down.

If people acted like this in any other part of the World – they would get bashed senseless. I have no idea why it’s so prevalent in our region…..From Kuwait to Beirut – people just love to stare.

p.s. I am a male, I was referring to us – rather than me personally!


15 Responses to WTF are you staring at you idiot?

  1. moocherx says:

    Next time, take along 10-20 cue cards with keywords written on, like ‘Politics’ ‘Educaction’ ‘Television’ ‘The Environment’ etc.

    Hand them to these guys, and say “If you can’t think of anything to say to each other, pick a card and start a conversation about this topic. Then stop starting at my table you f*cking FREAKS.”

    Or something like that 😉

  2. moocherx says:

    I’m not sure why that message was sent twice… it was only worth reading once. Please feel free to delete!

  3. CyberRowdy says:

    people are sick man….as if they have got no sisters back home……i hate such guys…ogling is their fav pastime..

  4. Spikey says:

    lol…they think by staring at you …you will fall for them….my thought is they never saw a gurl in their life before…ok there is something about you looked at a nice lookin gurl…but staring…(holding up ur mobile phone and searching the bluetooth mobiles around you) ….you know..

    i remember back in scotland…some gurls got pissed of coz some kuwaiti dudes stared at the,…and they actually snapped and gave them what the deserve ….

    take care

  5. Fonzy says:

    thats what people do when they go to marina…. a bunch of guys grab a table and sit and stare at who comes and goes. Especially if u have a girl with u. Its pathetic.

  6. Fallen Angel says:

    This is a common thing in Kuwait…there’s no need to be surprised about it. I think the reason those guys were staring at you is to figure what how on earth you have an absolute friendship with a girl…I mean to them, it’s quite abnormal. In fact, staring is what “8az” is all about and it is the favorite thing that people enjoy on weekend. Ask yourself why the malls are so packed with people? I assure you it’s not for shopping but simply to have the joy of watching other people from head to foot.

  7. Borzaiga says:

    lol ! its so wierd ! that eye to eye contact was always an issue in kuwait, alot of fights happened cause of people staring at each other. some people just daze and day dream on other people probably thats the way people meditate nowadays :p

  8. toxy says:

    Mooch: Damn good idea! Haha….I’ll keep a baseball bat in my back pocket – just in case those cue cards don’t work.

    Cyber: I know what you’re saying, those idiots really have nothing better to do. I mean throughout the entire time they sat there, they muttered only a few words to each other.

    Spikey: Thanks for the kind comments dude, but I’m a dude. Lol… There was only one girl with us.

    Fonzy: So true dude. Walk into Marina Cafe’s (especially next to Costa) and watch the robotic head turns and oogling eyes….f off ya idiots!

    Fallen Angel: Oh for sure. I have avoided Marina at all costs past 5pm Thursday. It’s a freak show with all those little savages running around. I don’t mind going alone – but with any females, forget it.

    Borz: These idiots deserve a damn good slap in my book. I’m not a violent person by nature – but some people deserve a good beating for their idiotic actions.

  9. moe says:

    well me too not like too many stares. I must admit that a lot of guys are sexually deprived and their staring at a women is very natural. They have all kinds of thoughts floating in their head. Perhaps you have to get used to all this kind of behavior.

  10. toxy says:

    Moe, I’m 100% sure you are right about that…..It’s the deprivation which causes all this staring….Funnily enough, head to London and you’ll see the same behavior – but as Spikey said – people elsewhere don’t put up with that stuff.

  11. moe says:

    The problem is that the moment you have people fornicating with each others then your sexual urge is far less than guys who are craving to have sex for the first time. This is where the islamic rules come into play and wearing a proper dress is recommended. There are mainly one way of eradicating these stares is that women cover them selves properly and men lower their gaze when they have a bad thought in their mind. Unfortunately, this is all hard to implement but takes a little bit of practice. I do see this double standards of some of the muslim guys in particular that they act as mucho stud, hang around with girls and socialize with the opposite sex to be a social animal and acceptable in the society but are enraged when somebody tries to socialize with their own sister or mother. what hypocrisy?

  12. moe says:

    There is a lot more awarness of sexual harrasement in the other countries apart from middle east. Even at work ,they tell you that how certain behaviors can fall into sexual harrasement but in kuwait this is not very common.

  13. naughty star says:

    Toxy this would be the result of the two main issues that you’ve talked about in your previous articles…..those guys are frustrated bored hoping to have the normal cool life that they see in the shows….as for Lebanon it all about showing off

  14. Dee says:

    Ya, the cue cards thing is hillarious 🙂
    I noticed the stares when I first moved back to the middle east 4 years ago. Every ME country, like you said…. It reminds you how much people here are into everyone’s business…. You’re experience, suck,s 😦 they totally over did it and made you feel uncomfortable, and that is soo uncool. But to notice people discretey is a way to respect other ppl. I guess the cue cards and the base ball bat will be needed if ya wanna teach people to be discrete and to, if anything!, enjoy the company of their own group! 🙂 You could also move your chair so that you are giving the people your backs. THAT would dis them big time, and make them feel like idiots/scum…. it may make them think a little too….? hehe

  15. Dee says:

    ps, love the choice of pic!!!

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