Kuwait’s Struggle with The Internet: ‘A Weapon of Mass Education’

A mere 10 years ago, the world was a completely different place from the one which we know today. Can you remember life before the internet, before email or instant messaging? Can you remember life before the latest digital music and digital television could be accessed with a few clicks of the mouse button?

We have well and truly moved into the new “Technological age”….and thankfully – this is just the beginning.

So how is this relevant to Kuwait’s Future then?

Well, as much as certain people are trying to block our outside interactions with more cosmopolitan lifestyles, trying to suppress our choices and shackle our natural evolution – technology, and a deep rooted intrinsic need to be in touch with ‘the latest of everything’ will ensure that Kuwait keeps itself in tune with the rest of the world.

Talk to any kid nowadays and see how much time they spend on the net. See how much time they spend watching Western Orientated Shows, being influenced by Western Dress and Western Fashion. The Kids of today know much more about the World in general – than the kids of my time.

Just the other day, I was sitting with some young kids who are frequently watching shows like ‘Friends’ , ‘The OC’ or just about any of those Pop Culture shows on the MTV Channel…..Like any kids throughout the world – it’s only natural that they compare their environment with that of what they see and hear on Television.

So guess what questions they were asking? “Why can’t we do that stuff here in Kuwait?”……

And that was just the beginning.

Computers are literally everywhere. Technology has made the world a much smaller place. It’s now possible for me to share thoughts with people from all over the globe – not just family and friends.

With the advent of even newer communicative mediums like Internet Blogs – we are getting a much closer look at the ‘lifestyles’ of people from all over the globe. Internet Blogs are helping us to both vent and express our messages to a potentially unlimited audience; they are helping us to collectivize our thoughts and beliefs – and ultimately bringing us much CLOSER together than ever before.

So what of the new developing Generation Gap: The old Traditionalists vs Today’s Kids?

The tensions are building.

As much as some people want to keep Kuwait in the dark ages – and keep it a relic in the Ever ‘Progressing’ Arab World – they will ultimately fail in their longterm quest. Why? Simply because people will ‘educate’ themselves to different choices and different mindsets. Information is power and when people begin to realize that their ‘choices’ (through comparison) are not there – they will rebel.

I think this is one of the reasons why we are seeing certain people in Kuwait doing their absolute best to suck the living life out of Country. Those in power, the outgoing generation – can see what’s happening and have absolutely no clue how to fight off their new worst and invisible enemy.

What they don’t realize is that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that they can do about it. Welcome to the new and most powerful “weapon of mass education” : Internet Technology.


5 Responses to Kuwait’s Struggle with The Internet: ‘A Weapon of Mass Education’

  1. wk says:

    Great post.

    I’m not from Kuwait but i can see where all the frustration’s coming from. Usually, what determines a nation’s progress is its financial situation…this is clearly not the case here. In Kuwait, like you mentioned in your last two posts, the problem is a group of people who refuse to let the country move forward (this group includes the same bunch that are so proud to have cancelled that charity event). In the end, as people are becoming increasingly unhappy with the lack of progress, a change will surely happen…its just the natural order of things. Humans are designed to move forward, those who do not want to will just be left behind. “Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation” -oscar wilde


  2. Hassan M says:

    Woow…very impressive post. I agree, too much power is concentrated in the hands of a few who will not let Kuwait move forward. I’m Kuwaiti and I share your frustration. Evolution will occur but in a typiucally Kuwaiti way….very slooooowly.

  3. Fallen Angel says:

    Exactly….I cannot agree more.

    I mean have you checked Dubia: Internet City?

  4. toxy says:

    Thanks for the comments guys (and girls) – only through collective efforts by spreading the word that other potential choices exist in life, will we drag Kuwait from the clutches of the repressive.

  5. naughty star says:

    it’s the start of new generation .they have to stop the pressure or else they will not know how to use all the information they have in a right way and it will become a disaster

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