Killing Kuwait Softly

Thanks to Moocherx for alerting us to this. I was deeply saddened to read this article printed in the Arabtimes Online regarding the cancellation of an annual Charity Event in Kuwait.

‘Eyes’ force cancellation; Why Irish eyes are crying

KUWAIT CITY: The annual social gathering of the Kuwait Irish Society, scheduled for Thursday, Nov 2, 2006 has been cancelled, allegedly because of pressure from some Islamist groups. The event, supposed to have taken place at one of Kuwait’s five-star hotels, was reportedly called off by the organizers because it was not granted a permit to hold the function, according to information gathered by the Arab Times. If true, this would be the first time in 15 years the Kuwait Irish Society, a non-profit organization which each year organizes sports and social events to raise money for a selected charity either in Kuwait or Ireland, has been denied permission to hold the event.

According to reliable sources, the event’s cancellation has been linked to efforts by a certain Islamic party which reportedly has formed groups to monitor social functions and discourage activities they deem “immoral,” such as singing, dancing and musical shows which they then report to the concerned authority. Some members of the Irish community in Kuwait reached for comment by the Arab Times decided to keep quiet about the issue with a few saying it was very disappointing. Recently, a well-known Islamist politician mentioned in a statement that Islamist groups had successfully managed to get 10 of 13 social functions cancelled.

By Boie Conrad Dublin – Arab Times Staff


Does anyone see else not see the irony in this? Events – which are held for ‘Charitable Purposes‘ are now getting inexplicably canceled.

This strangling behaviour is not helping anyone or anything – it’s merely breading contempt, anger and driving things further underground. Whilst many other countries in the Gulf are embracing their new found liberalism, certain people here are determined to suck the last living life out of Kuwait……It’s truly a sad state of affairs….


4 Responses to Killing Kuwait Softly

  1. Amba says:

    I too was saddened by the cancellation of the Kuwait Irish Society do, especially since it’s a charitable event. But I was not surprised, though. I lived for 9 years in Kuwait, through it’s more ‘reserved’ times and through its liberal ones. And I knew when I watched the preparations for elections in June 2006 that the pendulum was about to swing to the reserved side again. Giving women their voting rights was a good thing, but the fundamentalist thinkers there didn’t like it and saw it as a western liberal move. Thus, they will use any method to rid Kuwait of this ‘western’ thinking. I think other societies really need to watch out now, including the Brit Ladies, American Ladies, etc.

    I’ve left Kuwait now. I miss my friends. But I will never miss the new attitudes of the fundamentalist thinkers in that society. And now, living in England, I feel totally free for the first time in 9 long years.

  2. toxy says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience Amba.

    It’s ironic that a country which has tried to sway the long standing ‘restrictive traditions’ associated with Women’s rights in the region – would actually cause increasingly regressive tendencies to society as a whole.

    Truly a shame that a minority are allowed to use the name of religion to try and single handedly destroy progression.

  3. naughty star says:

    its really sad to hear ……..

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