Let’s Make Kuwait Green – Sand Kills Inspiration

One of the things I love the most about Europe and many places in the US is that there is plenty of greenery. There is something so refreshing about seeing a nice set of trees and a long stretch of well maintained grass.

I’ve noticed that in Dubai, they take meticulous care of their public gardens and greenery. They have invested a fortune into the appearance of the city. So what about Kuwait? Are we doing anything to make the country more beautiful for its residents and tourists?

Well Perhaps…..

On my way back from Fahaheel yesterday, I noticed large segueways of the roads and highways were being lined with grass and trees….I was very pleasantly surprised.

On the Gulf Road, they’ve done some amazing things with the landscaping. If you ride along the coastline – especially via boat – you’ll see some truly beautiful imagery which helps to instill a sense of pride in Kuwait. Whilst this is only the beginning, I believe we are still heading in the right direction.

Their is an old notion that states that ‘nothing can survive in the desert.’ Well for me, I believe that to be true on many different levels. Has anyone ever wondered why there are so few Kuwaitis who have become major successes in the ‘Creative World’?

I believe the answer (partially) lies in the environment. Sand clearly kills creativity and is completely devoid of any emotional / inspirational value…. If we make Kuwait Greener, not only will we help to create a more beautiful country – but we’ll also help to inspire our starved creative sides….


4 Responses to Let’s Make Kuwait Green – Sand Kills Inspiration

  1. Mark says:

    I don’t recall seeing a single tree while I was in Dubai. Not even grass.

  2. toxy says:

    Lol…no trees…..Mark, there is a tonne of grass in Dubai. However, if you only travel up and down the Sheik Zayed Road – its very easy to miss.

    Check out the back streets of Jumeira and the port of Deira – lots of nice trees, grass and parks. As you know, Dubai has also spent a tonne on making some world class golf courses which add a lot to the city. For some more beautiful roads, take a trip to the Race Course.
    Seeing as though Dubai is a desert, I’m very impressed by what they’ve achieved – I’m hoping we get similar attitude toward making Kuwait a Greener and more beautiful City. We’ve got the money, let’s use it!

  3. […] On my way back from Fahaheel yesterday, I noticed large segueway … Really interesting article (at least for my opinion). what do you think on it?Link to original article […]

  4. DWYT says:

    I remember reading an article a while back that said all this ‘greenification’ of the Kuwaiti desert was increasing allergies in the emirate 3fold. I’d rather not sneeze, look at sand and buy some plants for my living room instead .But much more worrying is the number of 20storey plus buildings that are shooting up ( very quickly-planning?Safety?) all over the place. I get dizzy driving along Gulf Street down by Al Bidda roundabout now.

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