My Scientific Ramadan ‘Weight Gainer’ Theory


It’s pretty funny. Most people seem to gain weight during Ramadan – but why so? If we are on a fast for 3/4 of the normal day – aren’t we supposed to eat less – therefore lose weight?

 After many years of scientific research, I have come up with some groundbreaking and revolutionary Ramadan theories. Here are Dr.Toxy’s top ‘waistline killers’:

  • Over Indulgence……When we do eat at 5:30pm,we over indulge on our portions. Where as on a normal day we eat 2 spoons of rice – during Ramadan, we eat 5 or 6 spoons of rice because we are feeling ‘so hungry.’ It’s normal for the human body to want to over eat because of our intrinsic, biological survival instinct. We want to pack in as much as possible because we fear not having ready access to food.
  • Arabic Deserts….. OK, everyone knows that Ramadan deserts are the most tasty! But does anyone remember or even think about the calorie content of one of those delicious Ramadan deserts? Errr……not me…. We tend to forget that most deserts are laced with obscene amounts of Oil, Sugar, Cheese and Fat. I’m sure that those 3 innocent looking  Knafeh’s on my plate contain more calories than 5 Big Mac Meals put together. (Ok I lied about this being a scientific test).
  • Sleeping After Eating…….. After every heavy meal, we tend to feel a bit sleepy. That killer move is to go and sit on a comfortable couch under a dimly lit light with a slightly chilled A/C …You’re as good as gone – especially after your hard day’s work at the office. (Oh wait scratch that last point – Kuwait hibernates right?)
  • Exercise …What Exercise?…….. I know, I know – we can’t go to the gym BEFORE Iftar because we can’t drink water. We’ll dehydrate and shrivel into a ball wont we?……Well, how about AFTER iftar?….I know, I know the gym will be too packed and the traffic will be even worse….. We wont be able to find a free machine will we?  Well my scientific studies have concluded that everyone is thinking the same thing! I’ve found that no one is on the streets – and no one is at the Gym!

So here we are, end of the Fasting month….and sadly (as usual) the Jeans seem a bit tighter than usual…… This year hasn’t been too bad for me…. Only 2 kilo’s added to the poor waistline……the problem is that it will probably take until next Ramadan to lose them……Now what’s that saying? ‘Easy come, Easy Go?’…..erm yeh………… 


5 Responses to My Scientific Ramadan ‘Weight Gainer’ Theory

  1. CyberRowdy says:

    I dont fast…since all the restaurants are closed, I am so punctual on the break fast table at home….then i’ll have 2 or 3 cuppa green or earl grey at office….and then by 12.30 either me or driver will make it to sultan for couple veggie sandwiches….and by 3.30 I am back home and I will eat something…and get a good sleep for 3 to 4 hours….then get up and watch TV for a while….then off to subway or MC or something similar….I guess I ate more during ramadan….no wonder how I managed to push the scale to 80 and waist line to 36″ !!!!

  2. Marzouq says:

    Im at the 36/38 mark and I gained weight.. im not moving.. pretty simple as that! hehehe!

  3. naughty star says:

    Toxy you analyze things really funny ……. Your right we don’t do anything but eat in ramadan!

  4. cajie says:

    And this explains why most of the food companies make 50% of their business in just 1 month of Ramadan.
    You can only imagine how much food gets wasted during this period.

  5. toxy says:

    Cajie, is this true? How did you get that 50% stat? That’s insane…It can’t be right!

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