Ban Donuts


Is it just me or is anyone else getting seriously bored with this Kuwaiti Donut Craze. Are our lives really that crap that we have to go lusting after a piece of glazed dough? Damn, everywhere I look I see something mentioning ‘D***** D*****’ or more recently ‘K***** K****’?

 Well I’m fed up of seeing that stupid painted Hummer on Gulf Road – and I’m fed up of seeing people chase the donut lady around like she is giving out free bags of diamonds!

Stop this insanity people! We are making Kuwait and its residents look like a bunch of bored apes!     


5 Responses to Ban Donuts

  1. 3abeer says:

    lol… so true!
    there’s a donut craze and it will go away once five or ten shops are open ..just like sushi!!
    Back in the days when I came back from the states people thought Sushi was disgusting and would ask me how would I even eat such a thing!! now they’re all bragging about being sushi fanatics.. and that theycan’t eat anything but sushi..!!
    it’s just a hype over nothing!! it’ll be over soon 🙂

    just relax sit back and watch ;P

  2. Post-it says:

    e wallah, chinna mo shayfeen 5air! fashiloona!

  3. Stinni says:

    I don’t know about the real world (too busy with children), but I know that donuts have been hyped to death on blogs from Kuwait. I don’t get it. I never heard of Krispy Kreme donuts in the States. Maybe it’s a southern thing? The thing is, Krispy Kreme, as a company, is tanking. Their products are full of artery-clogging trans fats. Since most Americans avoid trans fats like the plague, companies like Krispy Kreme open up franchises abroad.

  4. suds says:

    ha! I was just thinking the sane. Whats up with this stupid craze of donuts! Anyone would think Kuwait has never seen any cakes or food before! I’m with you 110% !!!

  5. H says:

    welcome to kuwait… lazim shay eehiboon feeh… the donut craze will be over in a month or so..

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