FastTelco: You are in last chance Saloon…


Right, that’s it. I’ve officially had enough. As some of you will already know it seems like I am having a perenial battle with my ISP – FastTelco – here in Kuwait. 

A few months back when all the Kuwaiti ISP’s were doing their ‘network coverage’ updates, FastTelco were undeniably the SLOWEST of the 3 major ISP’s to resume full service. I endured more than 9 days of painful ‘dial-up’ speeds despite having a 1.5mb connection. Excuses after excuses after excuses was all that came from the ‘technical support’ team’s robotic voices.

 I’m certainly not a computer slouch and I know a fair bit about the computer technicals, so can you imagine how frustrating it was to be told for 4 straight days to ‘reboot my router, reboot my computer and wait 30 minutes’?….. Can you believe the Tech-Support Team didn’t even know the real reason why we had no service until the 5th day? Even I knew the real reason, I just wanted someone to tell me the truth.

When I first signed up with FT they promised me the world; A seat in the ‘Golden Circle’ of Internet Service Providers.

  •  Even though I only signed up for 1.5mbps I was ‘actually’ going to get 2mbps (as long as the bandwidth was available – whatever that means).
  • I was promised that IF EVER the service went down (and it has quite a few times), they had a state of the art ‘backup service’ lined up as replacement. Yes, we saw those ‘state of the art’ systems kick in twice didn’t we Ft?? Once when your offices burnt down, and the second time when the National ISP upgrades happened.
  • I was promised a skilled and knowledgeable tech support team. So skilled and knowledged that the Tech Support team’s solution for everything is to ‘reboot’ your router.

Hmmmm……3 solid points – each one with more holes in it than a lump of Swiss cheese.

And so, onto the latest blunder by the fantastic FT team.

Let’s Block any and every website that exists!

I’ve been getting a little scared of opening my browser as of late. I fear the dreaded Orange ‘Screen of Death,’ which keeps on rearing its ugly head around almost each and every cyber corner I turn. 

So what’s the latest site to be blocked? Well, that little known video site called “YouTube.” When I load up the page, some of the videos are shown – others are blocked. And their excuse this time? Well apparently the new filtering software is blocking both objectionable and non-objectional websites.

So what should I do?

Apparently, fill in that little complaint form on the ‘OSD’ (Orange Screen of Death) and wait for the nice tech support guy to show up to work and unblock the URL. Yes, apparently, he does not work on a Thursday or a Friday!

I’m giving it one last shot. My patience has come to an end, and it’s either my ISP or my Laptop which is heading out the window. There are 3 or 4 major ISP’s running in Kuwait now and there is no reason why I should be subject to this constant insanity, especially as I am paying a fortune for my connection.

Nice marketing and branding FT, you certainly got me there. If only your service was as pretty as your Logo, I’m sure I wouldn’t be thinking of a new ISP. 


3 Responses to FastTelco: You are in last chance Saloon…

  1. forzaq8 says:

    i had FT account when they started , i kept it up for over a year , they had better service than Qnet back then

    then i had to move , and my father got Qnet , so i went to end my FT account and i got the worst goodbye from a company anywhere

    first they said that they aren’t going to return my money i paid for the ADSL when i first got the account ( you had to pay 70 KD for it )

    then they asked me to give them the ADSL anyway , yeah right , not to mention they moved from big office to a smaller cube and thrown in the worst places in kuwait where you can’t park

  2. Marzouq says:

    Toxy dont waste your time..

    I switched our company’s ISP to Kems a while back now.. and I have Qnet at home!

    Seriously.. its a waste of time dealing with them because they dont even know what the problem is! Its crazy!

  3. Tarek says:

    I had fasttelco before. Crappy service, always problems with viewing sites, idiot support team…. I moved to Quality. Cheaper price and much better service.
    So far no compliants.

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