Kuwaiti Night Riders: Who are these people??


Every night, like clockwork, I hear the absurdly loud engines of the phantom (menace) motorbike riders who travel like packs of wolves up and down the Gulf Road. Well, nothing too odd about people ‘night riding’ their bikes, so what’s the problem I hear you ask?

Well their choice of timing is very odd for a start. I usually head to sleep at about 1am, but I often hear these guys driving up and down the road well into the early morning. It’s not uncommon for me to wake up at 4 or 5am and still hear these ‘phantom menaces’ riding their bikes. I am a relatively light/medium sleeper and often get woken up by the sound of my glass shuddering like an earthquake has just hit.

Well, perhaps someone could help answer questions pertaining to this odd phenomenon:

  • Who are they? Adults, Kids, Learner’s?
  • Do they work? Go to School? If yes, how do they wake up!? Or don’t they sleep? 
  • Is it the same ‘gang’ who drives up and down the road for hours on end, or are there multiple packs?
  • Why are the mufflers so loud? I know a Harley is supposed to have a insanely loud exhaust – but they are clearly NOT riding on Harley’s – so why do they blurt out all that noise!?

I feel bad for those poor folks and families who are really light sleepers. I’m sure there are quite a few disgruntled residents who would love to find out where these bikers live, park a nice shiny new Harley outside their bedroom window – and rev like there is no tomorrow, naturally whilst munching on their favourite dunkin’ donut……..

 All addresses welcomed….. 😉



6 Responses to Kuwaiti Night Riders: Who are these people??

  1. moocherx says:

    sounds like we’re neighbours!

    tie a wire across the middle of the road at 3am.

  2. toxy says:

    lol…Mooch, that’s funny. I have often thought about ways of getting my revenge. A wire across the road sounds good….

    Meet me tonight at 2:48am….. 😉

    (just don’t tell Marzouq)

  3. Marzouq says:

    HAHAHA! U BASTARDS! loool! I will be all over both of you! But since moocherx goes to my gym its all good!

    But seriously I have no clue! Its pretty difficult to get supersport motorcycles that loud since they have extremely compressed and high pressure engines. But Harelys do get pretty loud especially if they get straight pipes.

    I really have no clue who they are and I dont know if they even work! What the hell are they doing that for, and what the hell is the point!

  4. moocherx says:

    Marzouq “and what the hell is the point!” ?

    It’s because none of them has a dick.

  5. moocherx says:

    I meant to say… “except you, M” 😉

  6. Marzouq says:

    hahaha! moocherx.. there are some cool guys on bikes out there, but there are idiots as well!

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