Apple iPhone – Is this it?


Well  has the longest (and most boring) saga in computer history finally come to an end? The latest(speculative) images of the Apple iPhone have been revealed, and I at least, hope these are the final prototypes.

A cross between the new Nano and a Nokia 8800 – this sexy proposition will surely be an instant hit with the consumers if it ever gets released.

 Here are a few features I would like to see – and if they deliver – I for one would be a buyer:

  • Full iTunes Compatibility / Support (plug and play)
  • Bluetooth capable, to swap songs (doubt they will do this however)
  • WiFi Capable, to connect up to the internet to download tunes
  • Minimum of a 20 gig hard drive
  • Ability to watch Video (any kind, not just Apple’s irritating .mov)
  • Ability to connect to a TV and watch your Video’s

With all those features, surely Apple would set themselves up to become an instant Global Mobile Phone Player. Watch out Nokia!!


4 Responses to Apple iPhone – Is this it?

  1. Di3la says:

    I am sooooooo getting one if its true!

  2. O.J. says:

    That’s odd…the prototype pictures i posted on the iPhone several weeks back ( look completely different. I wonder which pictures are closer to the final version. In any case, I’m sure the iPhone will be successful and might even have many of the features you mentioned…

  3. Marzouq says:

    I would have to say that its pretty cool looking! I would go with a 4 gig HD.. 20 is just too much for something that thin! I really think it would be a success! hehehe!

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