Officially: The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone

Well, last week we featured the World’s Most expensive mobile phone number, this week, I thought we could go one better and show you all what is now officially the World’s Most Expensive Phone!

The ‘Goldvish’ phone which is made of solid white gold and laced with an astonishing 120 karat diamonds was recently sold to a Russian Business man in Cannes, South of France.


There are reportedly only 3 of these phones in existence, so you had better run down to your local phone store and make your pre-booking now before they run out. Ohhh and don’t forget to sell your house on the way – the price for such exclusivity?:

$1.5 million dollars.


13 Responses to Officially: The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone

  1. Amira says:

    Yuck. Thats ugly! It looks liek a fish :-S

  2. Karim says:

    What’s that thing hangn off the end? Is it a lighter? If yes, that makes it much better value for money.

  3. moocherx says:

    i bet it doesn’t have a built-in FM radio 😉

  4. KTS says:

    Guy’s and Grils I pet any one wish to have this mobile not to use it but to exchange it
    with money.

  5. DC says:

    Does it have Bluetooth? Imagine being seen in mall with this phone and not be able to bluetooth your Number!!!!

  6. Eagle says:

    And there must be idiots out there to buy this 😉

  7. BLONDIE says:

    i wish i was that rich so i cld get 1

  8. DOLLY =] x says:

    O-M-G …

    I WANT ONE !!

    [[NOW]] ISH X X X X X


  9. ADIYYA says:


  10. simon shashi says:

    Nokia 7610 design is much more better thn this.. but i will choose this incase i wanted to change into $

  11. lila says:

    It sorta looks like a fukin’ ugly shoe. Not a phone (It’s a HUGE cell by the way)

    PS: What is that curved part for? Do those asholes know that you could poke your fukin’ eyeball out with those curvies???

    lil’ lila

  12. james says:

    personaly i like track phones but its still a pretty good phone

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