Kuwait ATM Machine’s – Thieves are lurking


As some of you will know, my CBK card was recently cancelled – infuriatingly – without any warning whilst I was away from Kuwait.

The official reason given was that certain ATM Machines in and around Kuwait had been used by thieves to steal money from unsuspecting accounts. Whilst I am not to sure of how the technology works, after a little research, it appears that certain ATM Machines are wired up with disguised ‘card readers.’ When you put your card in, the unit scans the card and collects your data.The fraudsters are then able to manufacture a fake card, go to an ATM and withdrawl money from your account by entering your pin number.

I first heard about this scam a few months back whilst I was in Dubai, but it appears that this new wave of ‘technological’ crime is spreading quickly around the region. Be careful when you head to the ATM’s – and make sure you regularly check your balance in case of any suspicious withdrawls, you never know who might be lurking.

Edit: Thanks to SKNK, who has provided us a link in the comments section as to how this scam works.



5 Responses to Kuwait ATM Machine’s – Thieves are lurking

  1. sknk says:

    hmm i got curious as to how these things work.
    i found this.


    becareful out there

  2. moocherx says:

    do what everyone in the UK does now

    use an ATM only inside a shopping centre / bank – not one out in the open that thieves can easily attach this hardware.

  3. toxy says:

    Moocherex, the ATM’s in the shopping centre are apparantly the worst because they are the more easily fiddled with after dark. The safest are the INTERNAL bank machines.

    Also, believe it or not the ‘chip and pin’ scheme (used in for example Chilli’s) is the most easily fraudable, because the criminals attach sensors onto the readers.

    I remember years back, they always told us that technology was supposed to eradicate crime – not make it easier.

  4. dadvinci says:

    شكرا على هذا التوضيح من يومين فقط حصل موقف غريب في باريس لصديق يتشابه من هذا الموقف يتلخص بالتالي
    المكان شارع مزدحم ماكينة سحب آلي لبنك فرنسي كبير في نفس المبني و الوقت الساعة 11 مساء ، قام اخونا بوضع كرت السحب الآلي الكويتي و هو للأسف بنك الخليج داخل الماكينة و لم يخرج الكرت و انتظر صاحبنا اكثر من نصف ساعة ثم غادر ليعود في صباح اليوم التالي و يقابل مدير الفرع الذي قام بفتح الجهاز و لم يجد الكرت، غريب عجيب و اوضح احد موظفين البنك ان بعض الحرامية يقومون بوضع مغلف او جيب بلاستيكي داخل فتحة ادخال الكرت تمنع وصوله الي داخل الماكينة وعندما تغادر يسحبون الكرت و ما اعرف كيف تتم باقي العملية و هي متكررة هنا في باريس و بشكل مخيف

  5. Marzouq says:

    The thing for me is simple! PAY CASH!

    I remember this happening in the states a few years back! And they were posting up about it all the time! Whats surprising is that they dont talk about these things in the news or newspapers! It drives me nuts! Thanks for the post I will be watching for those, and I will be the first to RIP IT OUT! heheheheh

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