$800 million donated to Lebanon – whilst Kuwaiti’s are left to die


I’ve just heard a truly sickening story from a friend who attempted to dial the ‘777’ emergency services in Kuwait. 

After his uncle suffered a heart attack, his family dialed the emergency services repeatedly – but no one picked up the phone. They even called the hospital and also had no reply…. His uncle sadly passed away.

It’s stories like these which make my blood boil – and it highlights some fundamental problems with the existing system in Kuwait. What kind of government donates hundreds of millions of dollars to other countries – without first ensuring that their own citizens are treated to the utmost professional care and assistance? 

How do you feel about the billions of dollars getting funneled off into other more apparently ‘worthwhile’ causes – whilst Kuwaiti’s and its residents are left helpless?

How would you feel if this tragedy had happened to someone in your family? Spread the word, there is no reason why Kuwait should have these problems.



13 Responses to $800 million donated to Lebanon – whilst Kuwaiti’s are left to die

  1. Yazoo says:

    My god, that is terrible. Your right why are we giving away stupid amounts of money to other people when we have our own problems which need to be fixed. I don’t know what to say. Its so sad

  2. eman says:

    well…its d same country who has just given out 200 kd to each kuwaiti citizen…..donating to those in need is no sin…..talk about giving out free money to ur own citizens good for nothing…..!…….they have trillion things to improve..huh……..n wut they do.distribute for free…forget it man!

  3. darkman says:

    eman, no one is sayin its good or bad to donate money, but he’s right, when Kuwait already has problems like this, why are they not fixing them BEFORE giving away money to help others.

    Its crap!

  4. Stinni says:

    Take a look at the state of government schools and hospitals in Kuwait – where’s the money to improve them? How about some roads in the residential area of Mangaf? Telephone lines in South Surra? The list is endless…

  5. toxy says:

    Stinni, I 100% agree with you.

    I wrote about the exact same topic a few weeks ago. Check it out:


  6. jewaira says:

    what a sad story and infuriating as well.

    it is terrible the way the Kuwaiti government is handing out money left and right to other countries while basic services in this country are left to deteriorate.

    When we are done helping those in need in our country, and building a satisfying infrastructure, then lets be generous with others.

    Have you seen the Sa77ah Al madrasiah in Dha7iyat Abdulla Al-Salem? Shameful

  7. Reema says:

    The question is what are we going to do about it? sad but true these kind of stories are happening on a daily basis and members of the parliament don’t care nor our government.

  8. Moey says:

    it’s pathetic

  9. Tim says:

    It will take 1 important foreign (probably Western) high-ranking diplomat (Ambassador) to die in a similar emergency, for a story like this to reach the press and for the government to start ‘thinking about’ the issue.

  10. Fed Up says:

    It’s not about money, more money thrown at the problem is not the solution.
    The solution lies in changing the mindset and habits of the worthless twit employees that man the phone lines. It’s sad to say, but in fact reality, that the work habits can best be described as do no work at all and do the least possibile when you have to work. What’s more, this attitude is acceptred, and even encouraged. Until the Kuwaiti society learns to accept responsibility, encourage and reward hard work, hold people accountable, stop making excuses for each and every Kuwaiti fuck-up, and starts shunning people like the 777 worker who just couldn’t be arsed to answer a telephone nothing will change. And no amount of money will fix the problem.

  11. toxy says:

    Reema, like anything in life, the word needs to be spread. Once it hits critical mass and everyday people start talking about it – that’s when you’ll see a change. Look at the whole ‘5 for Kuwait’ Movement.

    Every person who has read my post (and it’s a lot) will hopefully agree, tell their friends, tell their family and cause a wave to occur.

    Never underestimate the power of what a united group of people can achieve. Spread the word of your contempt.

  12. Londoner says:

    well, i see no lebaneese guys here without a car(expensive ones) they spend lot of money. still they dont help their own country. kuwait shouldnt bbe worrying much about a country’s citizens when they themselves are having a high and lavish life here and in the gulf countries. i see a weeping colleauge who said she lost everything, but after 3 days she came to office in a new 730i.

  13. Marzouq says:

    The problem isnt with the money.. its that nobody wants to take responsibility and fix this! They dont even setup a call center so that they may get in contact with a person! Nobody answers the phone! I have had the same dreadful experience when nobody picks up the phone! And it was only an accident! What about when its serious!

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