Apple Airport Express – Review (for PC)


Having become tired of having to navigate my way around all the wires which lie on my floor, I decided to invest in the Apple Airport Express – which promises to stream music from my iTunes (PC) to my stereo with just one small neat box.

The ‘Airport’ looks a bit like the regular iPod charger but it has a few additonal ‘insert ports’ such as an Ethernet connector (for wireless networking), a USB print server, and a Mini headphone jack – which is how the unit connects to your home stereo.


The setup was pretty clean and easy. The package comes with an installable, walk-through CD wizard. On a typical windows wireless system you could be up in as little as 10 minutes.

Potential pitfall: If your existing wireless setup does NOT use the Windows Generic Wireless connector, you may have a problem. My linksys, for example, over rides the Windows Wireless and uses its own config software. This makes the setup a little trickier, and if you don’t know much about wireless setup, this will be a problem.

Another initial drawback I had with this product was that it’s ‘supposed’ to only work for streaming iTunes media. However, after a bit of research, I found a few software patches which will allow you to stream any media from your Windows Player, Real Audio player etc. This gives the product a lot more flexibility for those who don’t want to be confined to only using  iTunes as their media player.

So far the product works as advertised. I’m happy with the sound quality, and even though the product has been out for quite a while, it works very well. 

If I have any issues with this product, I’ll post about accordingly!     

Rating: 4/5  (wireless speed is currently only 54Mbps)

Cost: 49 Kd


One Response to Apple Airport Express – Review (for PC)

  1. darkman says:

    thanks! i saw this in the store before but never knew if it was worth getting. let us know how it works out and if there are any bugs.

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