Root Canal Surgery!!….The Shock…(and Horror)

I was enoying a tasty, hearty, steak sandwich the other day – when I suddenly felt one of my teeth crunch uncomfortably into a slice of the chunky meat. It’s one of those unmistakable pains that you can only describe if you’ve experienced it yourself. Imagine putting a nail into your mouth and biting into it as hard as you possibly can….that’s kinda the feeling.

My first reaction was to just ignore it. Like most things which irritate the human body, it typically goes away with a good old fashioned ‘pain killer’ and a bit of time. 2 sleepless nights later, I realized I had to head to the Dentist…this was big.

They strapped me into the chair, wired my mouth open, did the examination and told me that I needed a Root Canal Surgery. He starting talking about ‘killing nerves’ ‘filling and pasting’ ‘potentially removing teeth’ ‘bleeding’….it sounded like I was about to go into a voluntary torture chamber. However, by this time, I really didn’t care if they had said they wanted to do brain surgery, I just needed this pain to stop – and immediately.

The Dentist leaned over and began the treatment. I started to hear those terrifying drills go to work in the core of my mouth. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about that sound which just sends shivers down even the most fearless of spines. I was dreaming of my I POD with some ultra loud music to drown out the horrifying noise.

An hour later he was done. I couldn’t feel anything on the left side of my jaw – but the pain had stopped. The first step was done. He killed the nerve that was causing the pain…….I felt alive again.

All in all, it seemed like a pretty routine ‘operation.’ I’m not sure why the dentist wanted to exaggerate the procedure – as there was nothing much to it – and nothing like the pain my brain had been painting with his masochistic words.

Moral of the story: don’t eat Steak Sandwiches……….(oh, and don’t get nervous if your dentist says the words ‘Root Canal’ and Surgery in the same sentence).


8 Responses to Root Canal Surgery!!….The Shock…(and Horror)

  1. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Root Canals sound worse than they really are.. I had two done last month; didn’t feel a thing afterwards. If the pain comes back .. then the doctor didn’t remove all the infected nerves.

  2. puppylove says:

    Hamed elah 3asalamah…

    I never in my life went 2 dentist, always had good straight teeth, took care of them, until last week when one of them from the back slightly broke at the edge while i was eating, OMG it was like eating sand, i had slight pain 4 a few days, but now its ok, but im still planning 2 see the denitst this week 2 know whats the problem.

  3. toxy says:

    Alah ya selmek puppylove, yes, definitely get a checkup! It’s weird, so many people get scared by the dentist – and for no apparent reason (me included 🙂 )

    Dentistry has improved immensely over the last 10 years, anyones teeth can look great!

  4. puppylove says:

    BTW, are u a male or a female? Or u guys are a group

  5. The dentist went over all that scary stuff prior to the root canal because it’s important for patients to understand the risks and the benefits of all treatment before having the treatment. This is because not all treatment goes as smoothly as yours went.

  6. editor_wordpress says:

    I too agree. But root canal treatment should be the last thing done

  7. Jacqui says:

    I had a root canal procedure done in 2 sessions LOL! Well it was technically 2 sessions but the 2nd session was with a doctor dealing with root canals the first was with a normal dentist :s I hate anything dealing with dentists :s

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