FastTelco: You are in last chance Saloon…

September 26, 2006


Right, that’s it. I’ve officially had enough. As some of you will already know it seems like I am having a perenial battle with my ISP – FastTelco – here in Kuwait. 

A few months back when all the Kuwaiti ISP’s were doing their ‘network coverage’ updates, FastTelco were undeniably the SLOWEST of the 3 major ISP’s to resume full service. I endured more than 9 days of painful ‘dial-up’ speeds despite having a 1.5mb connection. Excuses after excuses after excuses was all that came from the ‘technical support’ team’s robotic voices.

 I’m certainly not a computer slouch and I know a fair bit about the computer technicals, so can you imagine how frustrating it was to be told for 4 straight days to ‘reboot my router, reboot my computer and wait 30 minutes’?….. Can you believe the Tech-Support Team didn’t even know the real reason why we had no service until the 5th day? Even I knew the real reason, I just wanted someone to tell me the truth.

When I first signed up with FT they promised me the world; A seat in the ‘Golden Circle’ of Internet Service Providers.

  •  Even though I only signed up for 1.5mbps I was ‘actually’ going to get 2mbps (as long as the bandwidth was available – whatever that means).
  • I was promised that IF EVER the service went down (and it has quite a few times), they had a state of the art ‘backup service’ lined up as replacement. Yes, we saw those ‘state of the art’ systems kick in twice didn’t we Ft?? Once when your offices burnt down, and the second time when the National ISP upgrades happened.
  • I was promised a skilled and knowledgeable tech support team. So skilled and knowledged that the Tech Support team’s solution for everything is to ‘reboot’ your router.

Hmmmm……3 solid points – each one with more holes in it than a lump of Swiss cheese.

And so, onto the latest blunder by the fantastic FT team.

Let’s Block any and every website that exists!

I’ve been getting a little scared of opening my browser as of late. I fear the dreaded Orange ‘Screen of Death,’ which keeps on rearing its ugly head around almost each and every cyber corner I turn. 

So what’s the latest site to be blocked? Well, that little known video site called “YouTube.” When I load up the page, some of the videos are shown – others are blocked. And their excuse this time? Well apparently the new filtering software is blocking both objectionable and non-objectional websites.

So what should I do?

Apparently, fill in that little complaint form on the ‘OSD’ (Orange Screen of Death) and wait for the nice tech support guy to show up to work and unblock the URL. Yes, apparently, he does not work on a Thursday or a Friday!

I’m giving it one last shot. My patience has come to an end, and it’s either my ISP or my Laptop which is heading out the window. There are 3 or 4 major ISP’s running in Kuwait now and there is no reason why I should be subject to this constant insanity, especially as I am paying a fortune for my connection.

Nice marketing and branding FT, you certainly got me there. If only your service was as pretty as your Logo, I’m sure I wouldn’t be thinking of a new ISP. 


Officially: The World’s Most Expensive MP3 Player!

September 26, 2006


Well, following on from the recent diamond studded mobiles and exclusive telephone numbers I thought I would show you what’s now being dubbed the world’s most expensive Mp3 player.

Manufactured by the company TrekStor, this mp3 player is made of 18 karat Gold and comes laced with 63 individual one-karat diamonds. Equipped with a 1 gig memory card, two colour ‘OLED’ display, an FM radio transmitter and graphic equalizer, this little piece of musical madness will set you back a cool $19,999 (yes, that’s thousand).

Hmmm…I think I’ll stick to my Ipod Video which has 60 times the memory – and costs 50 times less in price!   


Kuwaiti Night Riders: Who are these people??

September 20, 2006


Every night, like clockwork, I hear the absurdly loud engines of the phantom (menace) motorbike riders who travel like packs of wolves up and down the Gulf Road. Well, nothing too odd about people ‘night riding’ their bikes, so what’s the problem I hear you ask?

Well their choice of timing is very odd for a start. I usually head to sleep at about 1am, but I often hear these guys driving up and down the road well into the early morning. It’s not uncommon for me to wake up at 4 or 5am and still hear these ‘phantom menaces’ riding their bikes. I am a relatively light/medium sleeper and often get woken up by the sound of my glass shuddering like an earthquake has just hit.

Well, perhaps someone could help answer questions pertaining to this odd phenomenon:

  • Who are they? Adults, Kids, Learner’s?
  • Do they work? Go to School? If yes, how do they wake up!? Or don’t they sleep? 
  • Is it the same ‘gang’ who drives up and down the road for hours on end, or are there multiple packs?
  • Why are the mufflers so loud? I know a Harley is supposed to have a insanely loud exhaust – but they are clearly NOT riding on Harley’s – so why do they blurt out all that noise!?

I feel bad for those poor folks and families who are really light sleepers. I’m sure there are quite a few disgruntled residents who would love to find out where these bikers live, park a nice shiny new Harley outside their bedroom window – and rev like there is no tomorrow, naturally whilst munching on their favourite dunkin’ donut……..

 All addresses welcomed….. 😉


Apple iPhone – Is this it?

September 20, 2006


Well  has the longest (and most boring) saga in computer history finally come to an end? The latest(speculative) images of the Apple iPhone have been revealed, and I at least, hope these are the final prototypes.

A cross between the new Nano and a Nokia 8800 – this sexy proposition will surely be an instant hit with the consumers if it ever gets released.

 Here are a few features I would like to see – and if they deliver – I for one would be a buyer:

  • Full iTunes Compatibility / Support (plug and play)
  • Bluetooth capable, to swap songs (doubt they will do this however)
  • WiFi Capable, to connect up to the internet to download tunes
  • Minimum of a 20 gig hard drive
  • Ability to watch Video (any kind, not just Apple’s irritating .mov)
  • Ability to connect to a TV and watch your Video’s

With all those features, surely Apple would set themselves up to become an instant Global Mobile Phone Player. Watch out Nokia!!

Officially: The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone

September 19, 2006

Well, last week we featured the World’s Most expensive mobile phone number, this week, I thought we could go one better and show you all what is now officially the World’s Most Expensive Phone!

The ‘Goldvish’ phone which is made of solid white gold and laced with an astonishing 120 karat diamonds was recently sold to a Russian Business man in Cannes, South of France.


There are reportedly only 3 of these phones in existence, so you had better run down to your local phone store and make your pre-booking now before they run out. Ohhh and don’t forget to sell your house on the way – the price for such exclusivity?:

$1.5 million dollars.

Kuwait ATM Machine’s – Thieves are lurking

September 18, 2006


As some of you will know, my CBK card was recently cancelled – infuriatingly – without any warning whilst I was away from Kuwait.

The official reason given was that certain ATM Machines in and around Kuwait had been used by thieves to steal money from unsuspecting accounts. Whilst I am not to sure of how the technology works, after a little research, it appears that certain ATM Machines are wired up with disguised ‘card readers.’ When you put your card in, the unit scans the card and collects your data.The fraudsters are then able to manufacture a fake card, go to an ATM and withdrawl money from your account by entering your pin number.

I first heard about this scam a few months back whilst I was in Dubai, but it appears that this new wave of ‘technological’ crime is spreading quickly around the region. Be careful when you head to the ATM’s – and make sure you regularly check your balance in case of any suspicious withdrawls, you never know who might be lurking.

Edit: Thanks to SKNK, who has provided us a link in the comments section as to how this scam works.


FatBoy Slim – Right here, Right now (2006 Remix)

September 18, 2006


A firm favourite from a few years back, this classic tune has been given a new lease of life by The FreeMason’s. A high tempo, hi-energy tune – this remix keeps the essential components of the original but gives it a ‘hard house’ spin.

You can listen to the song – and watch the pretty shocking video – depicting young children on an anarchistic rampage below. Pretty insane….

click me!

N.B The original Video was actually made for The Prodigy.