Kuwait: The Heart of a Lion….The Brains of a Mosquito?


According to recent figures published by the Gulf Cooperation Council (G.C.C), Kuwait sits ‘proudly’ a top of  the “foreign investment” throne when compared with its 5 other member nations.

 Yes, that’s right – Kuwait LOVES to send its money abroad in an effort to reap foreign dividends and stimulate more (apparently) ‘needy’ economies…….Well – that’s all very nice and romantic – but in the real world – it highlights everything that is wrong with Kuwait.

Did you know that many of those mega projects which are on-going in Dubai were originally designed to be implemented in Kuwait? Did you know that Kuwaitis are one of the biggest investors in Dubai’s recent transformation into a business and touristic powerhub?  Can someone tell me why? Long ago, there was the old excuse about investing outside Kuwait – because of the threat of Saddam…..Well, what’s today’s excuse?  

 No matter what even the most patriotic of Kuwaitis will try to convince you of – Kuwait is far from the perfect ‘Utopian Society’ which was originally defined by a certain Sir Thomas Moore back in the 14th century. There are plenty of things which need improvement, things which could be rectified with such ease – that it makes me angry just thinking about them.

Take for example some of those nasty, bumpy roads that I have to drive across on a daily basis. And No, I’m not talking about Jleeb or some of the poorer districts of Kuwait. Has anyone taken a look at the backstreets of Salmiya ‘The Entertainment Capital’ recently?  Some of those back roads are a disgrace and would look out of place in Bangladesh – one of the World’s poorest nations. 

What about all these electrical cuts? We are a country of only 2.8 million people. We are a country who sits on 10% of the Word’s Oil Reserves. Given that we have been blessed with such incredible resource, shouldn’t we have a ‘state of the art’ infrastructure which is the envy of the world?  Are we living in 2006 or 1946? Sometimes I wonder.

What about the schools’ in Kuwait? Has anyone taken a look at any of them recently? Many run-down, poorly equipped, poorly maintained old buildings. Only now are the Government talking about refurbishment. Why?

Let’s look at another source of contention:

Notice that whenever a (Natural / Non) Foreign Disaster Occurs, who is always the first to open the bank vault and start start distributing Financial Aid? 

  • Lebanon Attack – $300 million gets sent immediately. (This was a donation, a $500 m deposit was also made into the Lebanon Central Bank, Billions more have apparently been agreed for loans)
  • Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans – $500 million is sent for relief efforts
  • Tsunami Indonesia – $20 – $200 m (numbers are still very vague) 

 Whilst I do not in anyway condemn such efforts, on the contrary, I think it’s wonderful that Kuwait can always be relied upon to be one of the first to dip its hand into its deep pockets – but let’s face it – there are some serious issues that need to be both embettered and rectified on our own front door step BEFORE we start catering to the needs of others.

Next time you are driving down one of those bumpy, dark roads and suddenly hear one of your wheels crunch into a pot hole – don’t curse Kuwait, don’t curse the road – curse those who see it fit to send theirs and our money abroad to fund yet another useless Mega Mall or seemingly other ‘more worthy’ cause. 


7 Responses to Kuwait: The Heart of a Lion….The Brains of a Mosquito?

  1. puppylove says:

    I agree with ya 100%, although this issue has been discussed everyday everywhere in kuwait but nothing has been resolved, and its not just the roads and schools but also the ministries buildings, co-ops, and not to mention the hospitals, etc etc

    I mean even in other countries, they do put some extra bucks in their pockets, but they complete the project, but over here the investers steal the whole cake, and leave the projects hanging for another extra 2-3 yrs until its finished.

    And the funny part is, just 2 days ago i heard this thing on the radio i think it was on 97.5, like an awareness commercial about how “we” citizens should thank god for the electricity we have, and for our country’s wealth, and that “WE” should not waste the electricty??!! Oh yeah, well the ministry itself doesnt have employess working their butts off, and dont do any maintenance, and dont have new and improved equipment, so plz stop preaching……

  2. Marzouq says:

    No1 our government is full of people pocketing money which isnt theirs!

    No 2 The government makes things very difficult for any business in Kuwait.. they make them hate putting their money in Kuwait..

    No3 They try to tie you up in Red Tape, and so you cant do anything about it

    No4 Dubai has a progressive government which ease’s the life of a business man with clear rules!

    No5 Kuwait Government changes the rules everytime the parliment changes! So we keep getting the short end of the stick..

    If someone can fix something it has to be an initiative from the top down.. because thats why it worked in Kuwait..

    ONE MAJOR PROBLEM! Fire all the incompetent people!

    (Posting from plane! hahaha)

  3. toxy says:

    Puppy love, yep, you are right. I say it every single day – it’s such a shame that a country with such immense natural potential can completely ignore some of the most important, basic fundamental needs of society.

    By spreading the word, by proactive movements – even through mediums like Blogs – we will get a change – but as with everything in Kuwait, it will take a painfully long time.

  4. talisman says:

    10% of the world,s oil reserves is a huge lie, its around 5% or less by a western study.It will last for 40 or 50 years but our gov is hiding it.

  5. toxy says:

    Talisman, if that’s the case it would explain the reasoning behind the insane greed and ‘gold rush’ mentality. I’m personally not so sure, from everything I’ve read they’ve under-estimated the supplies! 40 years is nothing and would be a disaster.

    Where are you getting your information from?

  6. puppylove says:

    If 5% is true, then how come they are able 2 send donations in hundreds of million dollars?


  7. diesel says:

    Yes, the 5% figure was leaked from KOC to a British journal. What we don’t know is whether the leak was intentional or not. The Gov and merchants investing overseas are certainly acting like the “good times” here are coming to an end sooner than we thought. The financial aid Kuwait sends was once thought to be “checkbook diplomacy”, but the ’91 invasion proved that this was not the case. So, this aid has to be tied to some personal kickback.

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