Bling Bling….Bling Bling…….. (again)

 I just saw this phone up close and personal. It’s the Motorola Razr V3 ‘D & G’ Edition.

I’m not sure how much Dolce and Gabbana actually contributed to the intrinsic workings of this phone  (other than blingy paint job and dangley letters which are hanging off the side)….but my reasonable guesstimate would be – er…not a lot.

Hmmm….Gold phones, Pink Phones, Titanium phones – will we stop at nothing to be exclusive nowadays? 


6 Responses to Bling Bling….Bling Bling…….. (again)

  1. O.J. says:

    Weren’t you using the Diamond studded Vertu phone last time I saw you?

  2. toxy says:

    Actually, I would like to publicly thank you for letting me borrow your pink Razr – whilst I took it for polishing last month.

  3. albandry says:

    i like that blingy
    i have the phone its not practicle when ur used to nokia i got it as a gift because they know how much i struggeld to get the limited 1000edition of the phone
    enjoy the blings or my name isnt the blingmam

  4. Marzouq says:

    OK.. again! Crappy phone.. and uglier by the day I rest my case!

  5. toxy says:

    Maraouq, we get it dude – You hate Gold phones! Haha…

    Actually, I agree, I’ve never liked that phone.

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