Just what the Doctor Ordered…Heritage Village, Kuwait


The proposed Heritage Village looks like a very interesting project. It’s not just another nonsensical mall with another set of useless, boring outlets – this looks like a decent enough concept which promotes both the heritage of Kuwait and perhaps more importantly – the vision of turning Kuwait back into a touristic destination of choice throughout the gulf.


Although specfic details are limited, the proposed location for this project will be Abdullah Al-Ahmad Street.

  • 80,000 sqm location
  • New Buildings, Restoration of old buildings
  • Village should include: Restaurants, Arts Galleries, Art Showrooms, A Heritage Craft Workshops, A Museum, Traditional Souks, archaeological excavation Sites, Restaurants and ofcourse a multitude of coffee shops – after all what would we do without them eh?

Let’s hope they really make this project something special. It will be such a nice and welcome change from the boring bright lights and over-packed noisy malls. It will hopefully also offer a more diverse source of recreational entertainment.


6 Responses to Just what the Doctor Ordered…Heritage Village, Kuwait

  1. Anonymous says:

    In the first picture… everyone has beard. thats weird. is that suppsoed to be in Kuwait or Saudia?!

  2. toxy says:

    Hahaha….. I love the question! lol…

  3. moocherx says:

    that’s because it’s all the local beardie fundamentalists going to this tourists attraction so they can get hard looking at some tourist with her elbow uncovered

  4. sinnerornsaint says:

    looks like afGUNistan in its Golden Taleban Era!

  5. Marzouq says:

    They are going to move Janoob AL Surra all back to behind Jahra and build it there! Thats how its going to be!!! hehehe!

  6. talisman says:

    Mud huts will turn this shitty country to a touristic destination !!! are you ok?

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