Blackouts continue to Strike Kuwait

You’d be amazed how much we take ‘the simple things in life’ for granted nowadays.  Take for example Electricity – a basic, ‘bare necessity’ of modern day living. 

The random, sporadic power cuts which have been paralysiing Kuwait over the last few days, have really helped to put these ‘simple needs’ back into glaring perspective.

Here are a couple of random, unrelated incidents which I faced over the last few days:

Incident 1: I walked into my local gym to be greeted by an eerily silent, dimly lit room with rows of inoperable treadmills and blank tv sets. Well, ‘at least you can use the weights’ I hear you say – well kinda true – until you realize the room is filled with an unbearable dense humidity. Imagine yourself in the middle of the Amazon at the peak of the humid season and, well, you get the picture…. 

Incident 2: I was finishing off some work on my laptop yesterday afternoon, when I heard the AC unit churn to a halt. Ahhh, thank goodness I am on the laptop I thought to myself….Another badly timed assumption….I still needed to both print and email the documents…..and yep – you’ve guessed it – they both needed electricity to complete….. I sat there in silence, starring out the window – watching the Policemen manually guide the traffic through the lights for the next 2 hours.

Sometimes it takes a few random, irritating ‘creature comforts’ to be taken away to see just how reliant we are on certain commodities. Now, let’s hope they resolve this issue quickly before I get cut off aga…..


One Response to Blackouts continue to Strike Kuwait

  1. FaJ says:

    Irritating! i Agree

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