Where’s My Muff gone? :-@

 Right, I’m really mad about this!…..

On a daily basis, I (used to) head to Starbucks to order my favorite drink and snack – A Mocha Frappacino with  Blue Berry Muffin.

Upon my return back to Kuwait from Dubai, I was mortified to learn that Starbucks had changed their Muffin Supplier from “Le Notre’s” Bakery to an in-house “Al-Shaya” bakery. Here’s what I immediately noticed:

  • The muffins had been on a diet. They were MUCH smaller than before – no surprise that the price hadn’t changed.
  • The muffins had lost their crunchy, crystallized sugar granules which made the ‘tops’ so tasty.
  • The muffins had been baked for too long, they looked over cooked and were much drier than before.
  • The muffins had lost their blue berries. Yep, most of them had vanished to be replaced by more sponge.

I vented my frustration to the SB server but he just smiled and said ‘sorry, the company have changed their baker.’ Well, it looks like my 3 year love affair with SB has finally come to an end. It’s a shame that it had to end this way – I will miss them a lot.

Gone but never forgotten. Rip Muffins. 


4 Responses to Where’s My Muff gone? :-@

  1. O.J. says:

    Jule….Can I see the muff please? Hello. Give me one Mocha Frappuccino and one Vanilla Muff please. You don’t have Muff….why you don’t have muff?? hahahah good old days 🙂

  2. darkman says:

    I think they changed all the cakes in Starbux now. Gotta admit, the new stuff is pretty crappy.

  3. Marzouq says:

    Hey Toxy why dont you contact the manager of the starbucks branchs at Al-Shaya’a they seem to be very customer oriented so I dont think they would want to know about your complaint.

  4. toxy says:

    Good idea Marzouq, I once met the General Manager (or so he claimed). I’ll have to try and get in touch with this guy to describe my disdain….

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