Bling Bling……Bling Bling…….Anyone home?

 Upon my recent trip to Dubai, I was walking around the ‘Mall of the Emirates’ when I was approached by a random guy carrying a small black hold-all. The gentleman, an Emiratti local wearing the full local attire, opened up his bag to reveal a selection of brand new ‘Golden’ Nokia 8800’s. He told me that there were only 6 in the whole of the Emirates (5 of them were in his bag) – and the other was in his pocket. Being the curious fella that I am, I checked out the phone which he assured me was made using real 24 carat Gold.

Whilst I was not in a position to question whether or not his claim was real – I felt that the phone looked way to over the top for my liking. A bit too ‘in your face, check me out’ if you like. The asking price? Aed 5,500 ($1500, 435 kd)… 


3 Responses to Bling Bling……Bling Bling…….Anyone home?

  1. Marzouq says:

    ok first off.. I think this phone is a piece of crap.. shitty screen .. no features.. crappy blue tooth.. heavier then any phone 5 times its size! Its HORRIBLE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT! AND USELESS!

    could you tell i dont like this phone? hehehehe

  2. toxy says:

    Hehe….well I have this phone. It’s the silver version. Overall, I like it. It looks slick, it’s eye catching and classy.

    However, on the downside, the battery is a complete disaster! Don’t even think about getting this phone if you speak a lot or need it for business. It’s purely for dinner or social occasions!

    (I guess Nokia knew this, which is why it even comes with 2 batteries in the pack!)

  3. Marzouq says:

    I would use it as a door stopper.. only! hehehe

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