5 Star Hotels in Kuwait….How many?


It’s funny, a country which is typically assimilated with great wealth, opulence and luxury has a grand total of 10 – yes 10 – Five Star Hotels.

OK, whilst I realise that Kuwait is hardly the number one travel destination for many tourists on a global or even G.C.C scale – I still find that number to be pitifully small for a country which has such enormous growth potential.

 It’s not all bleak news however, you’ll all be pleased to hear that the Government has approved around 80 new license for hotels all to be built in the upcoming few year(s).

Official Stats:

  • 10 five-star hotels
  • 9 four-star hotels
  • 5 three-start hotels
  • 2 two-star hotels

  In 2005, 104,426 people stayed in Kuwaiti hotels, and hopefully, with Sheik Sabah’s new-found initiative to increase the touristic revenues of Kuwait – these numbers will increase dramatically.

Personally, I’m still waiting for an iconic Kuwaiti hotel, one which symbolizes Kuwait, it’s culture and it’s people. I would love to see a similar project to the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE for example.

Build and they shall come!



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