Big Brother 7 Over!!…..Thank god


Pete Bennett, the 24 year old musician from Brighton ended up lifting the enviable title of  “Winner of Big Brother 7: UK” yesterday night. Bennett scooped the GBP 100,000 prize after managing to last 93 days in a house packed full of irritating morons, spoilt screechy brats…. ohh….and a 36 year old wanna-be porn-star.

 I managed to watch all of one and a half episodes this season (around 2 months ago) before falling into uncontrollable spasms of irritation, raising questions of self worth – and eventual self mutilation.

Questions are being asked whether Reality TV is a dying breed of TV genre – well after watching this trash – I would prefer to be strapped to a chair and forced to watch back to back re-runs of ‘Planet of the Apes’… least they were comprehensible. 


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